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Issue XX – Letter From The Editor
Chris “Chris P: Local Celebrity” Panayiotou
COSIGN Editor In Chief | @CPLocalCeleb

2016 is now in the books, and I’m sure most of us are glad that it is. It seems that the consensus was that it was a shitty year, but let me offer a different perspective. To quote Hamlet (which I damn sure haven’t read), “… there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Feel better? Yeah, me too. And I would also like to formally apologize for the election of Trump. I wrote a piece in Issue 18 about his hypothetical first term, but who knew that the Law of Attraction couldn’t grasp the concept of satire? (And statistically speaking, only 36 percent of you should find offense in my dismissive tone for “The Donald” as our commander-in-chief. Have you seen his approval ratings?)

Anyway, 2016 was actually a good year for COSIGN. We began the year with Rosa Acosta on the cover of Issue 16, traveled quite a bit (L.A., Austin, Atlanta, Miami), hosted two pool parties, held our biggest anniversary fashion show/concert to date (The COSIGN Experience) and expanded the brand considerably. But you’re not reading this for us to ride our own jock; you’re here for the issue.

This issue is features creatives (Angel Rey; Belen; Billyracxx; Mr. Hanky; Blue, The Misfit; John Stewart), a pair of features for Valentine’s Day (COSIGN Couples and the “Matters of the Heart” cast interview) and more. And let’s not forget, IT’S ISSUE 20!!! Twenty issues in, and we’re still grinding. Stick with us, 2017 is going to be big.

Also, keep an eye out for #1000COSIGNs at www.COSIGNMag.com, we’re spotlighting individuals that we COSIGN. And if you’re in the Dallas area, we’re holding our #COSIGNLive series, a happy hour/industry mixer/live discussion with successful entrepreneurs and industry insiders. Hope you enjoy the issue, feel free to send us your feedback, and enjoy the #COSIGNLife.

Issue 20
60 Pages
8.5″ x 11″
Price: $20

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