Cover Model: Rosa Acosta
Photographer: Wanthy D
MUA: Nakeah Fuller
Hair: Aden Marq
Location: Cossamia

Issue XVI Words From The Editor

VICE!!! The grimy shit you do behind closed doors. Well, maybe it’s not THAT socially objectionable, but either way, I don’t judge (out loud). In this issue we cover sex, drugs and a bunch of other potentially taboo topics. Honestly, it’s probably been the most fun I’ve had helping putting an issue together.

On the covers, we have the very beautiful Rosa Acosta and Dallas rising star Bobby Sessions. Between the covers, you’ll find Scotty ATL, Faded Deejays, Fred B, Carlos Donjuan, Keith Jacobs, KEiZE, our collaboration with Commecci & Hannah Marie, and others. On the more viceful side, we have porn star Tiffany Brookes, drugs in the culture, our vice photo essay and recommended New Year’s resolutions from me, because being an asshole is a vice, right?  And of course, we also do provide you with vital information, such as how not to fuck up Valentine’s Day. (I feel so liberated by the vice theme. That’s where all this cursing is coming from.)

Issue XVI will hopefully follow the tradition of each issue being better than the last; you’ll have to let us know. In the meantime, enjoy!

Chris Panayiotou
COSIGN Magazine

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