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Everyone knows that we, over here at Cosign, have always shown support to Lil’ Debbie. And if you’ve been to one of the Lil’ Debbie events we’ve thrown over the years, you’ve probably encountered this beautiful face above, twerking her ass on stage: Remy Fox, the 13-year-old twerker/hype-girl accompanying Lil’ Debbie on her tours across the nation. Remy is more than just that, though. In fact, Remy is actually a very creative individual, working with stylists all around, helping direct photo shoots, and more. Our intern Blake, being the fan that he is, wanted to get the entire inside scoop on Remy Fox, so that’s exactly what he did. Blake spoke with Remy via FaceTime and captured this darling screen shot. Check out the full interview below!

Blake: If you remove the makeup, the twerking on stage, and the talent of being able to balance a Colt 45 on your ass…who is Remy Fox?

Remy Fox: She is a Law and Order SVU fan, mother of a child, and just a simple girl. Nothing crazy. I’m a typical mom who runs errands and likes to stay at home.

Blake: For someone who describes themselves as a simple stay-at-home Mom, you’ve got a pretty active social life. How did you get so engrained within the music scene?
Remy Fox: I got my first fake id when I was thirteen, and I would go to all these punk shows in Orange County, and then shows in L.A. So, my friends and I would either get a ride from one of our moms or we would take the bus to these shows out in L.A. and we would just meet people. It just grew from back yard parties, to warehouse parties, to bars and clubs, and so on.

Blake: What would is an average day like for Remy Fox?

Remy Fox: I just started working as an exotic dancer. So, when I don’t have work, I try and wake up by 8. My son is already in school by that time because my mom wakes up earlier than I do and takes him to school. I spend my days washing clothes and trying to figure out the business side of ‘Remy Fox’. I email a lot and return calls, try to set up photo shoots, and get stylists to send me clothes. Sometimes I do nothing at all, too! I just like to watch TV all day. When my son gets home from school, I feed him and try to play games with him if I’m not too busy. We just got a dog so we’ll take him on walks around the neighborhood.

Blake: You’ve had a huge online following for years now. What doors have opened for you because of your online celebrity?
Remy Fox: Before my first twitter got deleted, I looked through my followers and there was a crazy number of people who were verified that followed me. Travis Scott followed me before I even knew who Travis Scott was. Souljia Boy followed me. And I met A$AP Yams off of Twitter. Its crazy. People just know people through twitter, whether its a favorite or a retweet. Erin and Amelia, who founded Shop Jeen, loved me and I met them finally for the first time. They told me they had always laughed at stuff I’d post on my twitter.

Blake: You’re somebody that I feel has always kept a clear separation between your personal life and your online persona. With the passing of A$AP Yams you set that separation aside and were really open about your heartbreak. What did he mean to you?
Remy Fox: He was the one that I knew I was going to marry. I’ve never felt a connection with anyone the way that I felt a connection with him. Our relationship was not the normal relationship; our relationship was so dramatic and so annoying, but he and I always had the deepest conversations. We just got one another. I was there when he went through rehab to support him. I tried to support everything he did and everything he wanted to do. I always knew I wasn’t going to be his first priority, but I always told him, “As long as you think of me”, because that’s always nice. Even if he and I didn’t talk for a month, he would still call me and it would feel like nothing ever happened. What meant the most, though, was that when we would talk about creating a future together, he would always include my son, and he didn’t have to. That’s what made me love him. He always included my son.

Blake: How do you deal with all of the hate that you get online? Does it ever make you feel like you need to be more relatable or do you even care?
Remy Fox: It honestly all depends on how I’m feeling at the time. Maybe I’m having a day where I feel sensitive and it gets to me, but 80% of the time I just don’t care. Why should I care about somebody that I never even knew existed, somebody who is trying to create a place in my life through hate? Honestly, if I’m bored, I try to have fun with it. I’ll troll the people and go through all of their stuff. I feel like I am relatable, I just say things that everyone else wishes they could say, and it isn’t just on twitter. I say these things in person, too. It’s the way comedians go put on shows and stand on stage; my stage is Twitter. I’ve never thought about changing my persona ever. I like it. That’s why I created it.


Blake: How do you strike the balance between being a single mom, work, tours and being able to just live life?
Remy Fox: I’m lucky enough to have the full support of my family, and my mom helps me out with 90% of raising my son. She lives with me, so I pay her for all of her help. She really is my #1 supporter and she believes in me. It’s nice to have a mom that just wants to see me happy and I don’t take her or everything she does to help for granted.

Blake: Where is Remy Fox five years from now?

Remy Fox: I hope that in five years my brand is big enough so that I am able to have collaborations going on all of the time. Whether its Remy Fox T-Shirts and Socks or collaborating with a photographer, I just want to be creative. When I work on photo shoots, I usually act as the creative director, so I always tell the girls how to pose and I’ll pick out what they should wear. It’s fun getting to explore different ways to expand your creative outlet.

Blake: You obviously have a big appreciation for clothes, how would you describe your style?

Remy Fox: Late 90’s to early 2000’s, Jenny from the block meets Selena. Right now I’m obsessed with turtlenecks and leggings. I don’t know why, but they’re just it.


Blake: What’s it like being on tour with Lil Debbie?
Remy Fox: Its every emotion that you could possibly imagine; crazy, fun and stressful all at the same time. Sometimes we argue, but we also have the most fun I’ve ever had. Debbie is not much of a partier, so because of her, I don’t always want to be out and about any more. Instead of going to the club, we go to Dave & Buster’s and have a blast. We got stuck in New York and we just got to go have drinks and dinner and just be girls, which was so nice. Sometimes we have guys with us, so we try and do some manly stuff and they try and do some girly stuff. We always make them go to the nail shop with us, but in the end its all about striking a balance. Tour is like having to share the same room with a sibling for a month at a time.

Blake: Whats your favorite tour experience?

Remy Fox: New York and Miami. New York because we got stuck out there for a week in the blizzard last year, and it just so happened to be fashion week. We went to the ‘Married To The Mob’ party, which was fun. There was such a good turn out! I got to meet Beyonce’s stylist and he told me he loved me. I just got to experience the true New York night life. Blizzard or not, you know I was walking around looking cute in my fur coat. Debbie wouldn’t come out with me, though. It was too cold. Miami was fun because we were there for four days. The sun was perfect, the weather was perfect. I got a tan, laid by the pool, ate on the beach. It was nice to escape and relax. That was one of the worst shows we have ever had just because of situations that were way out of our control, but our stay in Miami was really nice. We felt like the Real Housewives of Miami.

Blake: So what did happen in Miami, I remember seeing some stuff on twitter about the show.

Remy Fox: Whoever managed that venue just didn’t know how to keep things up to par. The promoter kept coming to the back and telling Debbie, “Oh you’re going on in 20 minutes”, but he kept pushing it back. She didn’t come out until almost 2 in the morning, and when we finally get out there, we are performing in the dark, the sound was off, and the stage could barely hold three people. The whole night was just an unorganized mess. Plus, they didn’t even have air conditioning! Lets just say the show got shut down quick.

Blake: Describe yourself in one word.

Remy Fox: Spunky

Blake: Who do you Cosign?

Remy Fox: Obviously, my girl Lil’ Debbie!

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