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Interview by: K.G. Graham | @cosignkg

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With some of the hottest parties and club nights in North Texas, Andre “Dre” Settles has built INCrowd to be just that, the “IN” crowd. Dre spoke with us about his beginnings, his rise and what he and INCrowd do for the nightlife.

As founder, tell us your resume of what you’ve done for the city as far as nightlife and events?

I started my promoting career on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with Third Eye Productions. I have more than 16 years in the entertainment industry as a well-respected promoter … I’ve promoted at venues such as Sting Ultra Lounge, Bella 32, Glass Lounge, Medusa, Zouk, Gas Monkey, Le Vú, Avenu Lounge and my latest, SiSu, to name a few! I’ve helped build some of Dallas’ most popular DJ’s such as DJ ASAP, DJ Duffey, DJ Souljah … and have also helped jump start careers of certain promoters as well. Given that Dallas is one of the major cities, I’m trying to bring that big city feel to the actual nightlife by bringing some A-list artists and throwing some dope events!

How was the INCrowd created and what made you guys choose this name?

In 2005, I founded Drizzé, Inc., a full service firm that customizes special events from conception and design to production and post-event takeaways. In 2015, I merged Drizzé, Inc. with my ex-partner Randy Bell, who had been using the “In Crowd,” throwing kickbacks at different places. We formed the INCrowd with the I N C capital for the INC in Drizzé, Inc. and after that the rest is history.

Who is officially a part of the INCrowd and what are their roles?

There is a total of 19 official members of the INCrowd, including myself:

Andre “Dre” Settles (CEO INCrowd) Jason Harmon (COO INCrowd)
Nita Chantelle (COO INCrowd/Ladies of INC) Jasmine Budd (CFO INCrowd/Ladies of INC)
Latasha Blanks (CEO Posh Hookahs) Dannielle Blanks (CFO Posh Hookahs)
Danica Cheung (bottle service/Ladies of INC) Nicolette Aguon (bottle service/Ladies of INC)
Valanee Maine (bottle service/Ladies of INC) Lyndsey Gaulden (bottle service/Ladies of INC)
Jamaica Grimes (bottle service/Ladies of INC) Christina Mariee (bottle service/Ladies of INC)
Ixchel Frierson (head of bottle service) Bianca French (marketing and promotions)
Ky Santana (marketing and promotions) Jeremy Zeno (marketing/photographer)
Phylicìa Lindsey (front door service) Marysue Cohen (VIP hostess)
Ally Fairris (VIP hostess)

What does your company bring or offer to the Dallas nightlife?

With the “In Crowd Life,” my firm manages all aspects of the red carpet, press check-in, and event supervision to create dynamic parties/concerts, product launches and corporate galas for the young professionals. The INCrowd specializes in spectacular customer service along with entertainment creating unbelievable energy in some of the best venues Dallas has to offer. We specialize in giving the people what they want. Our events are catered around our patrons. We want people to feel like they’re getting what they paid for and [are] not being cheated.

What has been some of your biggest parties?

We’ve done Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, Migos, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Esco, Curren$y … since the INCrowd formed, but before I’ve done Rick Ross, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Jeremih, J Cole, Miguel and the list goes on and on.

What’s next for the INCrowd?

Be on the look out for the Ladies of INC and INC apparel, ALL coming soon, along with short films and more concerts.

How can someone join the INCrowd?

Not to sound arrogant, but we select who we want. We have eyes everywhere and we only want the best.

How do you guys plan to have all of summer ’16 popping?

You just have to wait and see.

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