Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition: New Bottle, Same ‘Yak
Hennessy releases a stunning new bottle design in collaboration with acclaimed tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

Words by: Milana Alchemista | @milanalchemista

The block’s favorite cognac is adding a collaboration with celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell to its growing list of innovations. The “Very Special” special edition package is the latest collaboration in a series of partnerships the brand has built with urban artists.

To celebrate Hennessy’s over 250 years as the people’s cognac of choice, Campbell blends what he calls “tattoo magic” – a ritual that is as much about the experience in the moment as the final result – with the multi-sensorial appreciation of Hennessy. “I’m interested in the magic that the ritual of tattooing holds,” explains the artist. “It’s one of the only art forms that is truly personal and spontaneous. A good tattoo serves an aesthetic purpose, but more importantly carries emotional power.”


The brand is committed to maintaining its classic status while still pushing the envelope. The Very Special Limited Edition bottle comes packaged in a wooden gift box including a numbered bottle with wooden labels, a numbered flask with a leather sleeve, and a sleek sketchbook with watermarked designs. The V.S. bottle itself features the iconic Hennessy packaging with a tattoo flair. Campbell’s bottle design centers around a pair of wings to trigger a sense of freedom and travel inviting the viewer to infuse their own experiences into their interpretation of the design. “Anything being called art should have the power to evoke curiosity. It should inspire deeper consideration. A good painting is a time capsule. An artist sits in his studio with an inspiration, a feeling. And that emotion leaves an aesthetic residue on canvas for future viewers to take in and relate to.”

The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle is now available. Visit their website for participating providers and get your summer swerve on in style.


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