Emery Sumberlin and Broderick Williams


My partner Broderick Williams and I [Emery Sumberlin] started Gold Link Beard Company in 2018 as we both worked as urban high school counselors. We created the Gold Link Beard Company brand out of the necessity to provide high-quality products to ambitious well-groomed men. We realized that men and women were taking more interest in the appearance of male beards and facial hair. By researching the market, we found there were hundreds of male grooming companies, but not many that used CBD (cannabidiol) as an active ingredient to help rejuvenate the skin and enhance beard growth. My partner previously worked with creating bread oils and hair pomades while he lived in New York. I have an extensive background in business and entrepreneurship, so we combined our skills to create and cultivate the beard brand known as Gold Link Beard Company.

What product do you provide?

Our product list includes a luxury beard kit, CBD infused beard oil, beard balms, beard shampoo/conditioner, beard moisturizing creme, three different beard combs, an electric beard hot comb, vanilla rum body butter, and much more.

How does this product benefit consumers & differentiate you from others in your market?

The ingredients used to create Gold Link’s beard products are all organic, high quality, and measured to exacting standards. Both the proprietors searched the entire country for the materials that are utilized to make Gold Link products.

What’s one thing you want the world to know about YOU personally?

We want the world to know that we are not just some fly-by-night, here today, gone tomorrow beard company. It has taken us years to develop our brand; as we continue to strive for excellence in reference to innovative products, as well as excellent customer service. If you don’t like our products, we will give a no hassle refund without questions.

What made you choose entrepreneurship?

We chose entrepreneurship because it allows you to be creative. We have always wanted to create systems that not only help us, but also cater to the needs of others.

How can consumers reach you and support your business?

Website: goldlinkbeardco.com

FB/IG: @goldlinkbeardco

Email: goldlinkbeardco@gmail.com

You can also find us at numerous beauty supply stores throughout DFW Metroplex.

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