Rolling Out Magazine’s newest issue features Dallas’ Top 25 successful women. On Saturday September 13, 2014 the magazine held an event called the Female Success Factor at the Dallas City Hall featuring a panel of six honorees. Each woman shared their professional and personal journey with us, and allowed the women in the audience to build a new avenue of success through a personal definition. There were tears, laughter, and strength as the words were shared from the panel and empowerment showered the room. Through the stories shared, bonds were built resulting in a room of strangers converting into a sisterhood within hours. For the women who missed this event, I can share a few of my personal notes, but they can never equate to experience of hearing the ladies words live.

                Angela Madison of WFAA was the moderator, and she spoke about her journey of having to “redefine success in her life”. Her road to success had many detours but she ultimately found what her heart truly desired. During her intro she said’ “be confident in who you are and your ability”. Angela also informed us that once we DEFINE order, there will be DIVINE order. Angela has conquered so many fields and her intelligence is a light that shines just as bright as her confidence.

                Claudio Torrescano of Univision had a wonderful message about the phases of life and how every phase should have a lesson. Although sometimes we think life will never end, that is not true and everything we go through is for a reason.

Kai Stansberry of the American Heart Association expressed her deep desire of wanting  to help the less fortunate and she told us to “build a relentless drive to make a difference.” She encouraged the audience to take a risk, but while taking the risk always remember to follow your heart. Kai’s heart lead her to Dallas through her career, and I hope her success will continue to grow throughout her journey.

Debra Shankle the regional VP, Central Region Manufacturing of Coca Cola told us to always Be Great. Although that sounds cliché, every letter of the word has meaning that will guide you to greatness.



(G)oals – Will guide you


(E)xceeding Expectations


(T)aking Action

              Tiffani Young, a Dallas City Official, allowed herself to be completely transparent with us about her personal struggle with depression, and I thank you for your vulnerability. She gave us four things to always do and have on the road to success:

  • ·         Always Mature Spiritually
  • ·         Have Mentors
  • ·         Time Management
  • ·         Listen to your Inner voice

         K.C. Foxx of CW33 is a veteran in the broadcasting world and the US Air Force. She encouraged us to have a blueprint to help guide us throughout our journey, and utilize a tool box to show us where we have been and where we want to go.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          K.C. had actual tool boxes on the panel desk that she allowed the crowd to take from and insert their own things as well. She confessed to us that her real tool box was much bigger, but the idea was a great one, so much that I took a tool box to start on my journey.

      Although I haven’t started putting items inside of my tool box yet, each of these women gave the audience the proper mental tools to use while finding our own personal definition of success. This event left me with the feeling that can be explained by a lyric in Donald Lawrence’s “Encourage Yourself” where he says, “I AM MORE THAN A CONQUERER.” Saturday was a turning point in my route to success, and I am now on the right path. Denita L. Lacking –Quinn and Celia Walker thank you for this event! This event opened doors in my mind and heart that I didn’t know I had. Everyone make sure you check this issue of Rolling Out , and to see photos of the event search the hashtag #FemaleSuccessFactor or #FSFDallas.

 Jamisha K. Daniels

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