Fort Worth Art Festival Fun: Exploring the other side of the Metroplex

By: Sierra Paigee

It was a beautiful weekend in the metroplex and I decided to take a break from my normal weekend trips to Downtown Dallas and show some love to the Fort Worth Arts festival that comes around once a year. Although the sunrays were beaming and there was a hefty crowd I was able to try a stuffed Tamale from Fort Worth’s own Mexican restaurant Reata and sample numerous drinks that were offered for free by several local vendors. Walking around the art displays there were only a few artists work that caught my eye but my favorite was Dakota, an artist from Austin who made furniture and other random things out of bottle caps! It was so creative and different when I saw it I had to ask him a few questions.

How in the world do you find these bottle caps to use for your art?
Dakota: “Well I drink a lot”, After we bother laughed he continued “No but honestly I collect them and what happens is I’ll have a display up on a random weekend and I’ll talk with someone about it right? Well by the end of the weekend I’ll have a box of bottle caps in front of my door from that person and it’s awesome. Things like that help with my art.”

What even inspired you to do something like cover stuff with bottle caps?
Dakota: “Well my parents are both artists so I’ve been around stuff like this my whole life, I was making furniture for my studio apartment, and just thought what if I cover some of this stuff in Bottle caps?

Your ultimate goal would be to sell your art in furniture stores right?
Dakota: “Nope, not at all. I want to do strictly galleries, that is my ideal of the ultimate goal”

Although we didn’t have much time to talk, seeing him enjoy the simple admiration for his art from people’s faces was a great experience. You can look more into Dakota’s art along with pricing and information at www.DakotaPratt.com or follow his IG: DakotaPratt. The Fort Worth Arts Festival was a wonderful experience full of amazing food, great artists, and good vibes. The festival comes around once a year usually the 2nd week of April. I would definily suggest if you weren’t able to check it out this year to make plans for next!

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