Ahh, social media, our best friend but sometimes, when put in the wrong hands, our own worst enemy. Today we have a classic case of “When Stuntin’ With Wifey Goes Wrong” – Atlanta newlyweds, Rapper, Waka Flocka and Love & Hip-Hop Cast Member, Tammy Rivera, may have got themselves in some trouble with the law due to flexing on Instagram.

Mrs. Flocka recently posted a selfie with her and hubby in the car, no big deal right? Typically, it wouldn’t be, but the problem here is that our friendly neighborhood gangsta, Waka was aiming a gun at the camera. Still don’t see the issue? Waka is currently out on parole and having a firearm is means to getting your probation revoked.

Reportedly, Flocka’s attorneys are now in talks with the feds and is currently under federal investigation. Moral of the story here is: DO NOT post incriminating evidence of yourself – ESPECIALLY if you are out on parole kids. You’d think the that the hood star would know something like this, but hey, sense can’t always be so common to all of us.

Bry Jones

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