Down to Business with Dessie: 3 Business Principles That Helped Cardi B’s Meteoric Rise

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Cardi B had an amazing 2017 with the success of her smash hit “Bodak Yellow” (produced by Dallas’ own JWhiteDidIt) and she continues to reach new heights early in 2018. Cardi recently made history as only the 15th artist ever to have 3 simultaneous Top 10 hits on the Hot 100 Chart. That’s not even counting the Dope remix of Bruno Mars “Finesse” that just dropped last week.

As a marketing and brand specialist, I wanted to take a moment to step back and highlight 3 Business Principles that have helped Cardi B’s meteoric rise.

Brand Authenticity – Cardi B first burst onto the national scene on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop.” From Day 1, she’s been true to herself and remained the same person regardless of the situation. That realness on TV, social media and beyond has endeared her to so many fans. Regardless of how you feel about her approach, you must admit that she’s become an inspiration to so many people in a short period of time.

Consistency – When it comes to her music, most people never knew Cardi for being a rapper until the release of “Bodak Yellow” in 2017. However, she made her debut on a remix of a Shaggy record called “Boom Boom” in 2015. Her first solo song, “Cheap Ass Weave,” dropped the same year as well. Living in a microwave society, we often assume that everyone blows up and becomes a “Celebrity Overnight” (cue the Twista/Kanye collab), when in fact, there’s blood, sweat and tears that the public never sees. Cardi has been consistently dropping singles and mixtapes nonstop. Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice in order to master your craft. One thing we know for sure is that Cardi may not have 10,000 bars, but she’s consistently put in work.

Brand Alignment – In business, brand alignment is extremely important because it gives companies and individuals an opportunity to cross market. Cardi has always had a loyal following, but strategic partnerships have allowed her brand to grow exponentially. She currently has over 15 million followers on Instagram and “Bodak Yellow” has 404 MILLION views on YouTube. Once “Bodak Yellow” popped, Cardi’s team did a great job of putting her on songs with other popular artists and that helped grow her audience even more.

Take a look at her features alone:

“Motorsport” features Cardi along side Migos (arguably the hottest rap group of 2017) and Nicki Minaj (the hottest female rapper … well until Cardi took the crown).

“No Limit” features Cardi next to G-Eazy (5 Mil on IG) and ASAP Rocky (6 Mil on IG).

“Finesse” features Cardi next to the great Bruno Mars (the Prince/Michael Jackson of our generation and his 16 mil followers).

Those alliances have given Cardi B exposure throughout different genres and markets that may have never heard of her otherwise.

I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan, but Cardi has grown on me and now I must say I’m excited to see her continue to push her career to the limits. It’s great to see how simple business principles, when applied properly, can take your brand to new heights.

Dessie Brown, Jr.
Lifestyle Marketing Influencer | Entertainment | Sports | Music | Management
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