COSIGN Life: Meet the stylish & talented DJ OHSO
By Vanessa Peters | @sofxposh

DJ Ohso is a successful DJ that is making waves with her recent feature with “Sway in the Morning.” She is a personal DJ for hip-hop artist Kamaiyah, and she flies back and forth across America to DJ for crowds that love her vibe and talents. She is known for dope natural hair, most notably dyed blonde, her chill demeanor and her expansive music knowledge.


COSIGN: DJ Ohso! Thank you for taking time to interview with COSIGN, what inspired you to become a DJ?

OHSO: I had watched a DJ play for the first time when I was 13 and always had an interest in it. I didn’t actually explore it until I was older though.

COSIGN: Do you face any clear challenges being a female DJ?

OHSO: Usually just with business relationships. Sometimes I may get hit on and it makes the dynamic really uncomfortable.

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COSIGN: What does a chill day look like for you, versus a busy day?

OHSO: A chill day would be going out with friends for drinks during happy hour. I may even take a walk to a park and read. A busy day would be spending hours downloading music, doing some research about music and making sure I have the new music I’ve downloaded organized for a gig that night. It doesn’t sound like much, but it usually takes up my entire day and I don’t socialize much until after I get to my gig that night.

COSIGN: Who do you feel is the most underrated DJ?

OHSO: That is tough to say. I don’t actually go out that often, so I’m not actually sure of how a lot of the DJ’s in the industry play right now.

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COSIGN: If you could pick three brands that you feel at this moment represent you what would they be?

OHSO: The Land Rover, Hennessy and Nike.

COSIGN: Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert?

OHSO: I am probably more of an introvert in everyday life, but as a DJ I’m definitely an extrovert. I like to socialize, take risks, I enjoy playing high-energy parties and I thrive in high-pressure situations in my career.

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COSIGN: I noticed that you were recently on “Sway in the Morning,” how does it feel to be just that fucking excellent to secure such opportunities?

OHSO: It’s a blessing. There is so much that goes into building your brand these days, besides talent, but I’m just fortunate to be able to perform well and have a strong brand to support that.

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COSIGN: What other artist would you love to collaborate with that you have not collaborated with yet?

OHSO: No one in particular, but I would definitely love to be apart of co-producing a project for an artist, and I can see that being a possibility in the future.

COSIGN: What is something that life has taught you that nobody else has?

OHSO: “Man plans and God laughs.”

COSIGN: All right, I think we’ll close it out there!

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