I’m sure you all remember how huge the DiveHiFlyLo show at Granada Theatre was this past January. A.Dd+ easily packed out Granada with over 700 people. However, for those that missed the show, the rap duo decided that they would do a small Texas tour, named The DiveHiFlyLo Experience.

A.Dd+ had a show down south in Austin and then came back up north to have a show in Denton at Hailey’s. Prior to this Denton show, A.Dd+ had started a contest for the students of TWU and UNT that would allow the winner to be an opener at the show. Denton’s very own Chelsia Lynette was able to win over their judgement and was chosen to open. A.Dd+ also chose a dance team from UNT to perform at the show. They had a very smooth routine which was performed to a mix of Dallas artist’s songs. Be sure to check out the video that’s posted below to see their performance!

Now, as for A.Dd+, you can probably already guess how their set went! Of course, they rocked yet another stage and succeeded in having the whole crowd jumping. At the end of their set, everyone was screaming for an encore. A.Dd+ happily gave the crowd what they wanted to finish up the show. Fans took pictures with Slim and Paris afterwards, as well as copping one of the pre-release DiveHiFlyLo CDs.


The official release of DiveHiFlyLo is going to happen very soon. Tune into Cosign Magazine’s Official Countdown to get your daily dose of A.Dd+!

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