Trap music and art, where can you go wrong? Distorted Dallas Art Show/Party was held at Ash Studios, a rental space in the South Dallas area, put together by Miranda Marie (@wirandawarie)*. Surprisingly, the venue reminded me of something in Arizona – it has a Spanish-influenced type of architecture with an open, outside area for everyone to mix and mingle comfortably.

Off to the side of the open pit area, is a garage equipped with all the inside gallery space. Live performances by local artists, Pyrex Pirates (@thepyrexpirates) and OurSkeletonBones (@ourskltnbones), took place here. Both acts were dope, Pyrex Pirates performed their track “B.O.M.B.S.” produced by Metro Boomin, which features guitarist, Jaramiah Marquez from OurSkeletonBones and it’s full of energy – listen below.


Our headliner, visual artist, Distortedd (@distortedd_) had her set up in the garage as well. We got the chance to get a first look at her exclusive, DBZ collection (now being sold on her website) on top of all the other ill sh*t she’s created. If you’re unfamiliar with her or her art, I got the chance to interview Distortedd for our latest, June ’15 issue (still available for purchase). She was the sweetest little thug, ever and it was her first time in Texas, her only complaint was the heat, of course. I copped a print from her Rugrats collection and I can’t wait to hang it up. We expect more great things to come from Distortedd, she’s just hitting the surface.

Check out our official recap video of the event, shot by Hubb Cobaine (@HubbSince89) and shoutout to Miranda for putting on her first event and it being a success!

*all @ names are for Twitter.

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