Dirtbags of Austin, TX is a show promotions group helping throw the local shows of Austin, but it is also the management of two artists that go by the name of Cutta and Q-Lee. Cutta is a local artist of Austin, supplying that good local music with his heavy beats and lyrics. Q-Lee on the other hand, is the opposite, being the R&B artist of Austin, supplying smooth vibes with an amazing voice. Q-Lee and Cutta have a very nice track together called “Beautiful Music” making a wonderful collab of both the styles of these artists. Q-Lee has a mixtape out, named 1,2 Many Mornings and Cutta also has a mixtape out, named Cutta Muzik. If you don’t have either of those, you better cop them ASAP. You’re going to be seeing these artist’s names popping up more and more! They got the honor to perform for Audra the Rapper last Friday night on January 18th, being 2 openers for her “Uncensored Tour”. They each performed their own set. Cutta wrecked the mic no doubt!. There’s no other way to describe it! Q-Lee sang to the crowd and had everyone vibin’ to his beats and lyrics. Over all, both of these artists did an amazing job that night. Here’s a few photos of each artist for you to check out. Cutta and Q-Lee have officially been #CoSigned!

These visual images have been provided by COSIGN Magazine’s own, #CoolBeings, Brea, of #SayBrea Photography!!

Here are their twitters.

Check out their music here as well:

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