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Life after a professional sports career can go a number of ways for retired athletes. Some players finish and join coaching staffs, some invest and ones with a hunger for MORE, do what De’Vante Harris does. Aside from having a four year career in the National Football League, Harris developed a mindset that goes beyond football.  Reaching his goal of being signed to an NFL team was just the beginning of the hard work for the entrepreneur. “I didn’t know I wanted to become a boss until I played in the NFL, once I got there and realized I still worked for somebody, I wasn’t happy. So once I got the chance to be the guy at the top of the food chain, I took my chance and ran with it,” he said.

According to KG of COSIGN, some athletes can become content with accomplishing the dream of professional sports while still playing. But we do see a lot that have their eyes on life after the gridiron. We had to know what was the driving force behind De’Vante’s serial entrepreneurship, and it made total sense. “Once I had my son, my focus changed. I wanted to be able to leave him something. I couldn’t give him the league and go, “Here son, here’s the NFL, that’s not gonna happen.” But I can create an empire and leave it to him when I pass on.”  Harris’ first run and entrepreneurship was a gym called Athletic Zone, where clients can get chiropractic work done, personal training, boxing, and even meal preps. Initially Harris was one of a few investors in this venture. Harris then took his sights into being a sole investor is his restaurant Harris’ House of Heroes and if you ask us, the food is a hit. Numerous wing flavors, margaritas, and creative brunch events have put this dining house on the map as of late, and if you know Dallas, you know brunch is life here. So why not welcome an entrepreneur that also makes it a point to lend a helping hand and collaborate with new ventures and people in his city. But hold on, De’Vante also has his hands in the sneaker game via Lost Sole. So what else can Mr. Harris take stake in? Sports agency? Real estate? The answers is yes to all. Teaming up with his lawyer, Harris has recently taken stake in a sports agency and has residential real estate on his mind in the next few years.

Our CEO knows a little about house flips. So we COSIGN the move here. Whatever De’Vante has in mind to collect a bag, we have no doubts that he’ll accomplish what he wants. Because he’s hungry to be on top, and that’s the mindset you need when swimming in a city of sharks. Where are you in the food chain? What will you leave behind? A headache or a legacy. All we know is, if you take a few pages out of Harris’ story you’ll be on the right path to moving up the chain. And we COSIGN that.

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