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Dating In Dallas: The First Date
By Milana Alchemista

Dating–as we know it–is dead. This is a fact. I know it, you know it, and your mom knows it. In 2015, we’re trading in our little black books for 2000+ Instagram followers, and instead of coming home to an answering machine full of friendly invitations to dinner, we accept DMs from cute but kind of creepy co-eds. And this is not just a “woman problem,” don’t let the headlines fool you; men are in just as much of a dating limbo as anyone else. Honestly, none of us can pay attention to anyone long enough to go on the kind of date our parents went on anyway. But the death of dating is nothing to be apologetic for. In today’s world, any face-to-face connection we make has to be intentional; it has to be exciting. There are a million things I could waste my time on rather than spending time with someone that’s–well–a waste of time.

Therefore, COSIGN brings you interesting, engaging date ideas to help you in whatever stage your dating life may be in. Whether you’re looking to bring a little playfulness back to your relationship or looking to impress a first date, use this guide as a step-by-step, or a jumping off point, to create dates tailored to you.

Let’s start with the most important thing in your dating life, the dreaded, overhyped, but yet so exciting first date. When you’re setting up your first date there are a lot of things to take into account, but if you remember nothing else, remember this: Netflix is NOT first date material. And I’m serious. Ladies, do not let a man degrade you by allowing him to invite you to his apartment, sit on his couch (or in his bed) and watch his probably borrowed Netflix. No. Gentlemen, if you like a woman–and I mean truly like her–you will not invite her over to your home to watch your free-ass TV.

There are a few reasons you may not want to do this for a first date:

  1. There was zero effort exerted in the planning of this date. You might as well say, “Come over and watch me brush my teeth.”
  2. You are showing no initiative to get to know someone by watching all 5 seasons of “Breaking Bad.” The reason you date someone is to build a set of shared experiences thus leading to a connection. Staring at your TV does not count as a shared experience.
  3. It’s bummy! This is not to say you may never do this, just not on a first date. Not with someone you want to build with. Not with someone you would like to be seen with in the light of day. The first date sets the bar for your relationship; let’s have some standards and make it a good one.

Instead try this:

If you want to impress her right out of the gate, pick a restaurant that is not only nice, but has some panache. There’s an endless number of restaurants in Dallas, but choose wisely. It would be nice if you chose a place your date has never been, that way you can share the experience together. I suggest Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. Located on the very top floor of Reunion Tower, guests take a glass elevator ride up 50 stories to the top and once the elevator doors open, a sleek wait staff greets you to the ultra-modern bistro. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide you with the perfect view of all of Dallas. Not only are you 560 feet in the air, but you are also rotating around the top of the tower–providing you with a spectacular 360-degree view–literally.

The cuisine is Asian with a modern twist; very delicious, yet pricey. This date is an investment date, so if you have the cash, I would say it’s worth it.

For a smaller budget, you can still impress your date, but you need to use a little more creativity. For a more budget-friendly twist on Reunion Tower, ask your date out for a Saturday lunch. You can take her to enjoy the views on the tower’s observation deck. Taking in the sights through the tower viewers can be very romantic, especially if you go at sunset. You can stop into the Cloud 9 café for some casual lunch fare or if you really want to be budget friendly (and get extra creative points) you can pack a lunch with your date’s favorite foods and eat in the GeO-Deck. Be sure to stop for the keepsake photo so your date can have something to remember you by.

Whichever version of the date you decide to go on, make sure to engage your date and make it an experience to remember. The first date is known to be awkward, but with just a little bit of thought and effort you can set yourself up for first date success.

Take care and happy dating!

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