COSIGN Brings you the 5 Places in Dallas Where You Aren’t Eating (Yet)

Where to go, what to order, what to avoid – [Words by: Keilan Roberson]

From Spanish restaurants where you can grab a nice fried shark, to Ethiopian spots where the Doro Wot and Tej will overwhelm your mouth with flavor. Here are the 5 restaurants in Dallas that you need to check out!

Queen Of Sheeba $$

A family owned Ethiopian restaurant in North Dallas that puts pride in making guest feel at home. Ethiopian culture is great because of the passion they put into their cooking. But this restaurant takes it a step further by offering a hand washing ceremony at the beginning and end of every meal called “SEN’NA BERT.” Probably not ideal for first dates because it requires getting messy, but if you don’t mind digging in, then go for it!

– What to Order: You can’t go wrong with one of the entrees comes with three vegetables and an extra side of injera (spongy sourdough bread). My favorite is the yebeg tibs (spicy lamb); it’s very spicy and even comes with jalapenos and a spicy butter sauce. If the heat gets to you, cool it down with a bottle of Tej (sweet honey wine).

– What to Avoid: Doro Alitcha (chicken in a very mild garlic and ginger sauce). I’m personally not a fan of the ginger sauce or the boiled egg that comes with it. Definitely not for beginners.

Si Tapas $$

A cozy little Spanish restaurant, five minutes from Victory Park, with great wine and even better food. Known for their Tapas (“lid” or “cover” in Spanish), some items are smaller portions that are meant to share across the table. The authenticity of their Spanish culture makes this is a great place for a dinner party, date, or even sitting at the bar and enjoying the environment.

– What to Order: Cazon en Adobo (Fried marinated baby shark)-because where else can you eat fried marinated baby shark in Dallas!? The first time I’ve ever had shark was at Si Tapas, and it’s honestly probably one of the freshest seafood I’ve ever had. It literally tastes like it was caught that morning and prepared special just for you. Pair it with Si Tapas signature beer sauce or the lemon cream sauce and a glass of sangria. You won’t be disappointed.

– What to Avoid: Morcilla Frita (Fried blood sausage). Definitely not my favorite, from the smell to the texture.

Whisk Crepes Café $

Whisk Crepes Café brings a sweet traditional French treat to the on-the-rise Sylvan and 30 area of Dallas. The crepes are made in front of you and contain fresh ingredients from the farmers market right across the street, which makes your meal that much more refreshing!

– What to Order: What better way to combine the flavors of Texas and France than a smoked brisket crepe? Packed with queso fresco, mozzarella, pickles, jalapeños, and BBQ cream. Chef Julian knows exactly how to combine flavor into every bite!

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the lemon Curd crepe. Topped with strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla cookie, and fresh mint. Without a doubt, the freshest lemon curd you’ll ever taste. The combination of mint brings all the flavors together for an enjoyable treat.

– What to Avoid: I think it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy any crepe that you order. If nothing on the menu jumps off the page, you can order a custom crepe with all of your favorite ingredients.

Zen Sushi $$

In my opinion Zen Sushi is by far one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dallas. Also, one of the only places you can get sushi in Oak Cliff, located in Bishop Arts. The setting in Zen Sushi is exactly that, a peaceful Zen. A small, but welcoming environment that even allows guests to dine in, take out, or order online. Not to mention, they have a vegetarian menu so everyone is happy!

zen sushi

– What to Order: If you’re looking for an appetizer definitely start off with a vegetable tempura. It comes with fried eggplant, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and more!
For entrees, my go to is a tiger roll (salmon, avocado, cucumber wrapped in shrimp) with a side of eel sauce and spicy mayo. Eel sauce is very sweet and pairs well with the seafood taste of shrimp and salmon. The spicy mayo isn’t thick like regular mayo and the spiciness gives the sushi a little kick that will have you ordering more.

– What to Avoid: If you don’t do raw fish, then steer clear of the Maki rolls. Be sure to ask your host if you can get the roll fried!

Hatties $$

Located in the heart of Bishop Arts, Hatties takes southern cuisine to a completely new level by sticking to their southern roots. Their menu and wine selection are adjusted regularly to ensure guests’ food is cooked with the freshest ingredients daily. This is the ideal place for a Sunday brunch; just make sure to call ahead to secure a reservation.


– What to Order: Nothing says southern like buttermilk-fried chicken, not to mention it comes with mashed potatoes and tasso ham gravy. The combinations of flavors screams authentic. If you’re really feeling country and want some hot shh *Nelly voice* then try the country shrimp and cheddar grits. The Tabasco-bacon seared shrimp completes the meal.

– What to Avoid: Absolutely nothing, if you’re not allergic to it try it! Hatties is southern cuisine done RIGHT.

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