Fresh off an eventful first half of 2020, Pine Bluff, Arkansas-born and Dallas-based singer/songwriter/producer MAJ dropped his new single “Supreme,” along with the accompanying video, on July 10.  Having signed with Def Jam in January and releasing his first major label project, “Majestic,” in March, his career is at full momentum, and looks only to grow going forward.

Def Jam’s signed several Dallas-Ft. Worth artists, including MAJ, and although several labels made offers, he felt his best move was to sign with the storied label. He sees his role at the label as a unique one though, “I honestly feel like I don’t fit in at all,” he says. “I’m more the Internet-era rapper. I don’t think I fit in the mainstream rapper category … I think I’m in my own lane. I prefer it that way, absolutely that way.”

Just as COVID-19 lockdowns began, he released his “Majestic” EP, a compilation of previously released and new material. “With the whole ‘Majestic,’ and what I’m doing right now, is trying to just basically put my feet in the water with the music,” MAJ says. “And then actually put my all into my work, we’re going to put my best work into the album. So right now, we’re just going for singles, just fucking around, see what’s up, just trying to have some music out there for my fans and try to have something to work with at the moment.”

Since the release of “Majestic” and through the new COVID reality, MAJ says he’s been acquiring knowledge, working on new revenue streams, and in the process, has been accumulating more material for his music. “During the whole COVID situation, there’s an actual battle with yourself,” he says. “And you find new emotions, you find new things within yourself, that you had never seen, ever, in your whole life.” Some of that has gone into “Supreme,” but also into his July 31 release, “The Exotic Party,” a three-song project which also includes “Supreme.”

“I want people to feel an experience, I want people to have the experience with the project,” he says of his upcoming releases. “I want people to share my experience, I want them to relate to that, and be able to feel and see something they’ve never seen before.”

And while he says the production team Internet Money was the first to COSIGN him as an artist, we are the latest. We COSIGN MAJ and his bright future.

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