COSIGN Magazine had the honor and opportunity to catch-up, and pick the brains of D.Tall, a hip-hop artist originally from Ohio, who now resides in the great state of Texas. D.Tall has been on the grind for awhile and has a lot to offer to the hip-hop community with his distinct voice, catchy lyrics, and Swag of an artist who is literally on his way!

Where are you from?
Born in Dayton, OH moved to Dallas, TX as a teen.
Tell us your background
My folks worked factory jobs growing up, typical midwest black family. Stayed in da hood when i was young but as i got older we started to do betta ya know…As for the knuckle heads i kicked it with when i was younger, all of em are either dead or in Jail. I thank God on a daily basis that I was fortunate enough to not fall victim to being a product of my environment.
What made you want to become a artist/rapper?
Thats tuff to ans because i’ve been messin with the music since i was a snot nose, i’m talking like 5th grade. Rappin’ and producing tracks is just something i’ve always been into.
Tell COSIGN Magazine a secret that no one knows.
I listen to all genres of music, I feel like in order for an Artist to reach his or her full potential they need to be exposed to more than just one type of music
Is there a difference between D.Tall the rapper and DaRell Tall the everyday person?
mmmm not so much….I feel like I’m me 24/7 365 but i think DTall is a little bit more outgoing.
How did you get your first start in the industry?
Opening for Jim jones and Juelz Santana for a college event in Ohio.
What’s the hardest task of being an artist?
The pressure to succeed
Do you plan on venturing in any other businesses besides music?
Most definitely, you never wanna put all your eggs in one basket. Nothing last forever. The industry is constantly evolving and i don’t wanna be a rapper forever.
If so, what business ventures do you plan on pursuing?
I was a journalism major in school so I might partner up with you to take Cosign Mag to another lever if you you’ll have me. lol But nah, seriously, i plan on doing work in Hollywood on and off the camera and investing in the pharmaceutical industry.
If Diddy, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and T.I wanted to sign you who would you sign with and why?
I prefer to stay independent. However, sometimes a major cosign can take you to another level as it did for Drake and J.Cole.
When your listening to music that you have to create a song for, what is the first thing you do?
The first thing I do is vibe with the beat to see if a concept for the record comes to me immediately.
What are you currently working on?
We’re working on building the D.TALL brand itself in as many markets as we can, in the us and overseas.
What motivates you to create a song?
Situations i go through on the day to day basis motivate me to write a song.
Being a artist you may get positive and negative reviews. How do you handle negative reviews and contstructive criticism?
Constructive Criticism builds character and keeps the Artists grounded. I feel like its absolutely necessary in terms of the growth of the artist.
What has been your most fulfilling experience as a rapper?
Having the opportunity to travel and do shows in over 15 cities in 2010. I felt like that was the biggest opportunity i’ve had so far to build a fan base. Seeing a fan in a place like Phoenix, AZ vibe to my music from the first time they’ve heard it was dope to me.
Who do you want to work with in the future?
I want a hook from Alicia Keys, Jamie foxx, Drake, Fabolous just to name a few….
What would be a classic collab for you?
A Classic collabo for me would be doing a record with Andre 3000. He’s one of the best ever in my opinion. One of his verses is equivalent to the average rappers career. Thats just how i feel.
What are your top 5 “D.Tall” songs?
On My way, Fly for no reason, Down, Do it, Money
Where can your fans find “D.Tall” at?
dtallmusic.com, youtube.com/dtallmusic, twitter.com/dtallmusic, reverbnation.com/dtallmusic, mediafire.com/dtallmusic
Who do you cosign?
I don’t wanna go on record cosigning any artist for the moment, but i cosign good music.



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