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Aw Yes…. Volume 3. My Last Cypher Project for Cosign Magazine.  This was a 4-month project where pre-production began in September 2018.  Most of the time spent, was me deciding to actually do another one.  I really did my homework this time around … and spent days watching various cypher videos to find a plan of attack.  So step one was completed… I decided to actually partake in directing a Volume 3 project.

Step two was creating the product.  As I said previously, each project I want to improve on visually and conceptually.  I watched Vol.1 and Vol.2 and I realized that we filmed both in comfortable studios and theaters.  So the creative decision was made to move out of the studio and into the streets….. where Hip-hop was born.

Step three was picking the artists.  This is my favorite part.  Over the course of 2 months, I listened to over 30 verses and handpicked 5 artists.  These 5 artists made the cut due to the command each one had, taking full advantage of the instrumental and making it their own.  All unique in their own styles, these 5 verses flow together seamlessly.

This project really was a milestone for me.  You could say these artists helped me just as much as I helped them. With the first volume, I was very ambitious and just happy to be there.  With the second volume, I played it safe and paid homage.  With the final volume, I walked in fully confident that what we were going to create would be nothing short of epic.  So huge thanks to @Moreesefilms for not running away from all the crazy ideas I threw at him.  We make an amazing team.  Another huge shout out to my guy @ill.Tommie for making a dope mix for me at the last minute, and lastly the good people over at Fabrication Yard.  Keep Culture Alive.

These cypher’s are not the end because I got way more heat in store.  This is just the beginning.  


Artists In Order of Appearance 

1.)Willo – Opening up the Cypher we have @Willox. Most artists want to close a cypher, but fail to realize that the first verse is just as important as the final verse. When I listened to Willo’s verse, I heard the confidence and delivery of a veteran.  I heard someone who has been through many trials and tribulations through his career and heard the determination to dominate all obstacles in his way.  That unshakeable grit is what put him as the first featured artist in the project. Click here to check out his project Never Die.

2.) Love Nindo – Second in this Cypher we Have @loveNindo.  I’ve got to say, he has some of my most favorite punchlines out of all 3 cyphers that I’ve done.  He first caught my attention when he performed at a Black Canvas a few months back.  If I could sum Love Nindo up in 1 word, it would be “Calculated”.   Every word/line that he writes is intentional and sets up for the next.  You can’t listen too slow or you’ll miss something. Be sure to check out his latest project Silver Till I’m Platinum:  V1.0.

3.) Flozilla –  Adding some much needed and PAST DUE estrogen to this heavily testosterone-fueled Cypher is @_Flozilla a.k.a Flower Child. But do not let the Flower Child name fool you because she spits venom like an Uzi. I’m not even sure if she remembers this but I first watched her perform at a “Are You The One” competition at the House of Blues all the way back in July where she beat out everyone.  She is definitely someone that you need to keep an eye on.  Check out her newest video “Spadistic Explosion”

4.) Neaux.id@Neaux.Id Is incredibly versatile.  This artist is a lyrical chameleon able to change and adapt his style to fit his needs. He sent me one verse and then two days later he sent me a verse completely different from his first.  I think that’s why he chooses the name “No (neaux) Id” because his style isn’t one that can be identified which is why I had to have him on this project. Check out his latest project The Neauxvember Tape- EP.

5.) Curtis Mayz  @CurtisMayz is a force of nature that destroys everything in his path when he spits. There is a righteous passion/ fury behind every word he says.  You can tell he was made for this.  I remember listening to his verse and after it ended I said “Yep… That’s the one” when I was trying to figure out who would end this series on a high note.  I wanted to go out with a bang and he even begins his verse with one.  Check out his latest project 3 For 3.


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