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It was roughly a year ago when I was first introduced to the talented Curtis Mayz. After listening to one of his past projects via a twitter link he shared I knew at that moment if the city of Dallas heard what I heard it would be just the beginning for the young emcee. At the time we were hosting monthly artist showcases called, “The Watch” at The Curtain Club and I reached out to Mayz to perform. To me, performances makes or breaks an artist. I knew Curtis had the music, now it was time to find out if he was a natural born artist. The lineup consisted of 7-8 artists all battling to win the showcase. And if you attended, then you know how the story ends. Curtis Mayz blew the crowd away and ended up winning the showcase with another talented artist. But, that moment was only the beginning. Since then, Mayz has released countless amounts of new music, has opened up for some of the top artists in the game, and he’s even headlined his own show in Denton. Fast forward to November 2015 and now the young Dallas bred rapper is ready to show the world his Black Excellence!

What do you contribute your success to?
Consistency! Honestly, just being consistent whether it’s putting out new material, performing live, being on social media. I feel like thats what it’s owed most to. If you’re not consistently out there it’s real easy to fall back and fade away. You have to consistently stay in the publics eye.

From your first performance we witnessed you had amazing stage presence. Does performing come natural to you?
I’ve been on stages before the music. I have a brief acting background. But, its also something I stress. Anytime I have a show the week of, or month of, im constantly prepping and going over it.

What kind of subject matter can we expect from the Black Excellence LP?
Just real life stuff. I’m a real life individual. I aint trying to hop out here like I have a pocket full of money. I aint balling! I’m a working man, I’m a family man. You can expect real authentic content. I speak on situations of just trying to pay the bills, how I cope with day to day situations, and my troubles. You can expect feel good type of messages and dope production. Straight up south shit bro! From the moment it cuts on, you can tell he from the south. Real life raps!

You can hear your southern draw in your raps. Who are your southern influences?
All the southern greats, UGK, 8 Ball, Devin, Z-Ro, Swisha House, DJ Screw, Goodie Mob, and my all time favorite is Cee Lo Green. As far as current artists you got KRIT, Cole, and Dallas based Czar, Tunk, and A.Dd+. I’m very southern influenced, and like I said once it cuts on you’ll hear it.

Is Curtis Mayz your government name?
Yes it is, James Curtis Mayz is my full name. I took the Kendrick approach. I’m out here, I’m giving you me, I’m giving you my life.

Explain the Black Excellence title?
It’s basically a metaphor or oxymoron. From jump you get the notion of a lot of racial content but its not about that. The word Black makes you think of dark and excellence is like an escape. So Black Excellence is escaping the darkness. It represents me stepping into the next stage of my life.

Tell us the Curtis Mayz story.
My background is Dallas, Tx. I’m a Young black male in these Dallas streets. Not the hood, but society period, it’s me telling my perspective of my surroundings It’s about getting out here and maneuvering and making money the legal way. Everyone is not in the streets and I’m coming from a realistic relatable approach. Everyone’s not thugging or trapping. People got kids and have to work and worry about financial debts like student loans. So Imma let y’all know how I cope with shit and I how deal with things. Imma give y’all my thought process.

With an answer like that we had to conclude the interview but we wanted our readers to get to know a different side of Curtis Mayz the artist so we decided to play a quick game. With this game we gave Curtis a scenario and he had to come up with a song title based off of the scenario.

Baby Mama cheating on you. // “YOU B**** YOU”
Best friend stealing from you. // “HOE ASS N***A”
Coming up as a young Dallas artist. // “THE COME UP”
Finally made it! // “AT LAST”

Us #COSIGNLifers also feel that anything is possible so one of our go-to-questions is to ask an artist about their dream record.

You can pick any producer, singer, and rapper to get on a record with you. Who would it be and what would you name the record?

Producer: Dr. Dre
Singer: Cee Lo Green
Rapper: Nas
Song Title: The World Is Yours 2015

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