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Online shopping through e-boutiques has become one of the latest trends. They’re on everyone’s social media accounts lately. This is a great marketing strategy, to upkeep an instagram account by giving visuals of merchandise for sale. Mobile app, Wheretoget, can help make the path a little easier for you to find your new favorite shopping app.


The Wheretoget app helps you to find the source of your favorite seasonal looks. In the instance that you are attending an event soon and have not found the time to go shop at retail stores, just log in to your Wheretoget account! When someone see’s a piece of clothing that they admire, maybe in someone elses photo online, all you have to do is take a screenshot or “like” the photo and follow a few simple steps. Once your Wheretoget app is open on your phone, some of your options are to upload a photo or select a photo that you previously “liked” on your Instagram account. The Wheretoget app can even be used to compare prices between different online stores and boutiques. You may see a pair of boots for the winter that you just can’t live without, but the price is out of your shopping budget. “Like” the photo and hurry over to your Wheretoget app. Once you have linked your Instagram account to Wheretoget, you can view all of the photo’s you like on your new app. Other shoppers browsing Wheretoget are doing the same thing! Looking for deals, and searching for the next date-night look. When someone finds that pair of boots that you must get your hands on, they are able to post the link to the website as a “comment” on the photo you upload via your Instagram “likes”. A button is generated showing the price and a preview of the “wanted” item. Wishlists via Wheretoget make comparing through the app convenient.

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-Ashley Dior

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