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Music is the universal language of the world, and radio the plug that keeps us all connected. Often times, we as humans find ourselves floating on the airwaves of methodical melodies, lyrical theses, and euphonious beats; so much so we become impervious to the wizards behind the curtain that control our eargasms. Dallas native and radio personality Lady Jade with her idiosyncratic voice, plain-spoken opinions, and memorable laugh consistently keeps her audience drawn in by promoting the importance of individuality and self-awareness. Deservingly crowned by the producer of the morning show and the loyal listeners of the community, Lady Jade has accepted her role as a co-star and proudly demonstrates her worthiness every morning. 

In episode 001 of the COSIGN Conversations podcast Lady Jade shares her story of how she got started in media in San Antonio, her transition to K104 in Dallas, building cohesiveness with her co-hosts, weathering the storm, having to re-pivot, finding your purpose, plus more. Check it out below, subscribe, and share. #COSIGNLife

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