For summer 2018, we at COSIGN Magazine decided it’s time to live our best life and travel as mush as possible. Of course, we have the “Who Do You COSIGN” tour covering 10 cities within the U.S. but we also want to travel internationally. I myself, will be visiting Panama in July and our Project Manager Brittany B. recently traveled to Belize, and composed an article on ten reasons why EVERYONE should head out to Ambergris Caye in Belize. To view the post in its entirety visit TheBrittanyB.com. Here are a few reasons why we #COSIGN traveling to Belize!


Flights may be pricey depending on where you are coming from, but once on the island you have a lot of room to have a budget trip. The exchange rate of Belize is $0.50 for every 1 Belize Dollar. The food/alcohol was very affordable. Even with the day that I had five cocktails and a full meal my tab was only $60. Most places take cards so money conversion wasn’t even needed. The excursions are also price pretty well and a number of place offer great discounts for group rates as well.

The Cuisine

Even though the food is cheap, the quality doesn’t decline with the price. Entire Lobster meals were bought for under $30 USD. They bring in the seafood fresh every morning and even are able to pick out what you want by the pound for restaurants to cook it. Even the street vendors had tacos, bbq, and more that were full of flavor and great portion sizes for $5 USD. Each of the restaurants we visited had an extensive drink menu with specialty island flavors and liquors. Pro tip: Get the Panty Ripper but don’t drink more than four. By #3 we were calling them panty droppers and slightly hazy. After four I am not sure how I lived the next day to tell any story. A filthy banana also has to be on your list of must haves.


There are a few hotels/resorts on the island that you can opt for, but go big or go home. As mentioned prior, we booked a house that was on it’s own private island that had staff and private pool. The house was gorgeous, comfortable and great for large groups. I’ve recommended it to several people so far.


Because Belize is the cradle of Mayan civilization but was once conquered by Spain, there is a mix of different cultures of people. To this day you can visit the Mayan Ruins there. Although that English is the official language, Kriol (Belizean Creole) is the most diverse language on the island.

To view the remaining 6 reasons why you should travel to Belize, head to TheBrittanyB.com by clicking here.

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