Wardrobe: Satin Roses
Designer: Amanda Kamhawy
MUA: Menna Ahmed
Hairstylist: Kriss Beauty Salons
Model: Nuha Orbab
Photographer: Mohamed Yasser
Photo Retoucher: Khaled Tarek

This article is featured in Issue 23 of COSIGN Magazine which can be purchased here.

Amanda Kamhawy is a 28 year old American, Egyptian designer and creator of Satin Roses who currently lives in New York. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion business management where she also obtained her fashion design degree. Envisioning her brand since the age of seven, Kamhawy accomplished the ultimate dream for a designer at a very young age, she started selling in boutiques at 16. One of her short term goals for 2018 is to start selling in her native country of Egypt. In only a few years Satin Roses has been #COSIGNed by many celebrities such as Keyshia Cole and Vanessa Simmons to name a few. Ecstatic by the opportunity, Amanda states, “I love when celebrities wear my stuff and I will have a few more celebrities wearing my stuff soon , but what’s most important to me is the every day customer wearing my clothing.”

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Amanda about her life as a designer, shooting at the Nile River, what role school played in her design career plus more.

With this being our Blueprint issue, what was the process like creating Satin Roses? What is your daily grind like?

Every day is a new day for me to better myself and my business. I am constantly reaching out to magazines, TV stations, stylists, show rooms, and fashion shows to push my collections. Creating a brand image is definitely one the most important things that I’ve been trying to do. Remaining consistent and persistent is key to my business.

You attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, do you believe school was necessary for you to create your line? If so, what type of advantages do you believe you have compared to someone who doesn’t have a formal fashion training?

I just recently created campaign promoting education. The campaign featured a beautiful actress known in Egypt and took place in the Cairo museum. The concept was to promote beauty and brains and through my clothing line we wanted to promote education. The Fashion Institute of Technology definitely helped me with my skill set and made me a better designer.

This amazing shoot took place at the Nile River. Was this symbolic for you at all?

Before going to Egypt, I wanted to make sure to I put together a team that are willing to be “in it for the long run” and believe in the vision of Satin Roses as much as I do. Luckily, I have found them and I’m definitely grateful for them. Building a strong team was the key to our successful process.  Egypt is where my family is from, so I love to go back and find ways to incorporate Satin Roses while I’m there. Creating this campaign in Egypt was an amazing experience. Egypt has a lot of history and I plan to continue this campaign and release content throughout 2018. I also plan to start selling in Egypt and the Middle East this year.

Last but not least, if you only had one impression to make to the entire world what outfit would you present and who would you select as your model?

That’s definitely a hard question but I think that all my collections are really comfortable and made a great quality fabric and made with great quality so I would definitely say I would have a bunch of models wearing Satin Roses to leave a lasting a impression.

Satin Roses is available at:
IG: @satinrosesclothing
IG: @amanda_kamhawy

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