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The Dallas culture has been flourishing lately and it’s all due to the music, artists, creative, and fashion. With Dallas being the number 5 market we get a lot of traffic from celebrities such as athletes, musicians, actors, lifestyle influencers etc. With Texas being the 3rd coast we’re right in the middle of the east and west coast so not only do we pick up on trends, we set trends. Below we have listed 10 Dallas street wear brands you should be wearing to really rep your city!


10. Live Alive Clothing (@livealiveclothing)

Live Alive Clothing | @livealiveclothing
Live Alive Clothing | @livealiveclothing

Live Alive Clothing is an upcoming Dallas streetwear brand who does a great job of diversifying their portfolio. Make sure to purchase one of their classic Henley’s for this season.

9. Common Sense Clothing (@commonsense.us)

common sense
Common Sense | @commonsense.us

Common Sense is a clean unique street wear line that does a great job of incorporating female fashion. You can shop everything from hats to shorts to dresses. Check them out.

8. ENELLI Clothing (@enelliclothing)

ENELLI Clothing | @enelliclothing
ENELLI Clothing | @enelliclothing

ENELLI Clothing is astreetwear brand that does a great job of merging the EDM style with a fashionable hip-hop look.

7. RIBZ Clothing (@ribzclothing)

RIBZ Clothing | @ribzclothing
RIBZ Clothing | @ribzclothing

RIBZ Clothing is a brand that we feel correctly represents the youth. If you’re a rebellious individual, this brand is for you!

6. Guap Shop (@guapshop)

Get Guap | @guapshop
Get Guap | @guapshop

Get Guap is a new brand that has been making a lot of noise. They took their brand a step past the normal t-shirt line to create a complete collection that you can wear from the streets to the club.

5. RAK Clothing (@raklothing)

RAK | @raklothing
RAK | @raklothing

Random Attraction to Klothing can be found in Epocha and Status. This is a very universal brand with a clean look for everyday wear to nightlife outings. We expect to see a lot of growth from RAK.

4. Subvers Clothing (@subversclothing)

Subvers Clothing | @subversclothing
Subvers Clothing | @subversclothing

Subvers Clothing is another new brand that has a complete line. You can purchase a complete Subvers outfit from their denim shorts/pants to their hats and shirts. This brand also carries accessories that also be found in Status.

3. Undrst8ed (@undrst8ed)

Undrst8ed is perhaps one of the most consistent and complete brands in Dallas. They have elevated their brand to now carry many accessories as well as jewelry. You have probably seen many celebrities rock Undrst8ed including the queen Erykah Badu.

2. El Chuy (@elchuyofficial)

El Chuy | @elchuyofficial
El Chuy | @elchuyofficial

If El Chuy was an athlete they would definitely be nominated for Rookie of the year. This Dallas street wear brand reps Dallas all day, every day , and EVERYWHERE! El Chuy is perhaps also one of the fastest growing Dallas brands. They have the entire city representing. If you do not own any El Chuy merchandise, what are you waiting for?

1. Triple D Gear (@tripledgear)
triple d

Triple D Gear is definitely the OG of the Dallas street wear brands. With year after year of consistency Triple D Gear shows no signs of slowing down for the city they love so much, they named their brand after. Triple D has also grown enormously to where non Dallas natives have been repping the Triple D hats with pride. If you’re really from the Triple D make sure you get a necklace to rep, they’re exclusively sold at Status DTX. And for your everyday gear pick up a Triple D fit from any Villa location all over the metroplex!! Triple D that!!.

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