The second annual #IAmDallasHipHop concert, curated and founded by Dallas hip-hop artist Mozez Tha Great, will take place at the Granada Theatre on July 13th at 8PM and will highlight independent local artists from around the metroplex.

The showcase, which features all local DFW emcees Mozez Tha Great, Cure for Paranoia, Rikki Bleu, 2wice, Kianna, Gregory Stakks, Choice, Tyler Sloan, Sunshine Capone and DJ Leo J is a platform for local artists to be able to play stages they may have not had the opportunity to play on their own in the past.

Mozez and the #IAmDallasHipHop team began curating this show a year ago, right after the first showcase ended. They wanted to help give lesser known artists an opportunity and shot to join the lineup and open the door for other hip-hop artists to shine. This led to the creation of 4 open mic battles across DFW, each which were judged by industry professionals. The winner of each battle won a slot on the upcoming showcase.

“This show is a platform for really talented up-and-coming artists, but we wanted to also use it to honor the legends of Dallas hip-hop who have paved the way for us,” said artist Mozez Tha Great “It’s really something hip-hop artists in Dallas can rally together around and
celebrate Dallas hip hop and our community” Mozez Tha Great recently sat down with us to go in-depth about the show and his life as an artist overall. Read the Q&A below for an overview of our conversation, and be sure to come out to the #IAmDallasHipHop show Saturday, July 13th.

Tickets are $19 and are available for sale online at The Granada Theater: https://www.granadatheater.com/event/77367-iamdallashiphop-dallas/



You’ve been apart of the Dallas Hip Hop scene for some time. What’s the biggest difference from when you first began to now?

I feel like there’s more structure now. The general consensus back then was that Dallas not only needed identity, but it needed more opportunities and shows for artists. When I first started there were only one or two outlets that supported local hip hop. Outlets like Sunday sessions by Poor Vida were pivotal for me in the beginning. Now artists are throwing their own shows, providing opportunities, and even being able to open for big acts. I’ve opened for Bun B, and went on tour with Royce Da 5’9. Outside of Scoremore you weren’t getting to do that back then.


Besides yourself who do you feel are giving opportunities for artists to thrive?

DJ Leo J does a lot for the independent artists out here. Mike B is real big on helping out local artists get heard as well. Smooth Vega with premiere live gave me one of my first major opportunities. Winning his Battle of the Bands event really opened a lot of doors for me. Things like getting to open for Eric B. & Rakim came from that.


It sounds like you’ve not only been able to be apart of a lot of shows, but work with the people throwing them. What made you decide to throw your own?

A friend of mine approached me about my live shows and work ethic. He had an opportunity for me to headline Trees, and I had the idea for #IAMDALLASHIPHOP for years at this time. When I got the chance it made sense to utilize that idea to create a platform for not only me, but many others.


Now you’re bringing the show to the Granada Theatre. What does it mean to you to bring Dallas Hip Hop to this particular venue?

I think it’s big and an upward trend towards where we’re wanting our music scene to go. If the city rallies behind this it can create more opportunities for us to not only be seen at the Granada, but in many other places.


Being an artist for sometime you know it takes a while to break through. What are some things that you’ve experienced that let you know you’re on the right path to success?

There’s a quote that says, “It takes 10 years for an overnight success.” I feel that’s somewhat true. I’ve been operating about that long here in Dallas. Some of the signs I’ve had have been just the reaction I get from crowds when I perform, but doing music is never easy. There’s a lot of moments where you doubt yourself and question if you should be doing this. What helps is having the right people in your corner who support you. Persistence is key and understanding you’re going to get a lot of rejection. You just have to believe in yourself and push through.


In your own words, what’s the best way to describe what #IAmDallasHipHop is and what people can expect from the show?

My vision is taking ownership of what we have here. Not only for the artists but the fans, producers, and media. This show is for all of us. Something that we can all support and get behind. That’s how I envision it. The bigger it gets the better the opportunities for others.


You’re also doing something interesting by awarding The DOC with the Dallas legends award. What made you feel like it was imperative to do that?

When I thought of the idea to do a tribute he was the first one to come to mind. There’s no one more deserving, and I wanted to do something that would separate us from the typical hip hop show. So when people come to the show not only will they get great performances from up

and coming artists, but I wanted it to come full circle where we honor the legends like The DOC. This man still does a lot by mentoring and helping younger artists. Also, his work with Dr. Dre is legendary as well as his own music. My personal relationship made me want to honor him as well. He reached out to me before and we’ve worked in the studio. He’s given me great advice that I still keep to this day. So I wanted to honor him for personal reasons, and of course obvious ones. 


If you were to pick someone outside of Dallas to honor who would it have been?

An obvious choice is Jay-Z. He’s broken so many barriers as an artist and businessman. For personal reasons i’d say Kanye West. There’s only been a few artists to create a lane that many artists have followed after. When I first heard Kanye it was different from everything. He wasn’t a gangsta. He was a regular guy who rapped, and his creativity spoke for itself. He made it cool to be yourself and I feel that represents me as well.

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