There’s nothing bad you can say about our Dallas Cowboys especially our quarterback Dak Prescott. Sitting currently at 12-2 and on our way to the playoffs Dak has done an exceptional job leading this team to victory game after game. With a great attitude, a phenomenal story, and incomparable work ethic its no wonder Champ Sports recruited Dak Prescott for their newest newest “We Know Game: The Moment” campaign with Designer.

Check out an exceprt of the interview below and read the full interview via HYPEBEAST here.

It seems as if you were chosen for this Champs campaign because you’re a “life in the moment” athlete, can you tell us what that means to you?
I like to take things one day, one moment at a time. I use everything that I’ve been through on and off the field to incorporate into my game, and just live in that moment — don’t get too overwhelmed or too high or too low at any moment. I just kind of stay cool.

It was a privilege for them to pick me. Great shoot and great day. Desiigner was also a fun guy. It was all very exciting.

Are you a live in the moment kind of guy off the field?
Yeah, I like to have fun, but I like to stay within the moment. Whatever it is. Right now, I’m all yours, this is my moment, this interview is everything that’s on my mind. When I leave here, it’s whatever I do next. I put everything into what I’m doing at the moment and don’t worry about the rest. I let things take care of themselves as they come, for the most part.

How did you develop this type of mentality?
It’s definitely been something I’ve developed over the years. It’s an accumulation of all the things that I’ve been through — they’ve allowed me not to take anything for granted, not to take life for granted, not to take time for granted. Nothing’s ever given to you, you’re not promised anything, so just have fun if that’s what you’re doing. If it’s business, treat it like it’s business, and just be thankful that you’re allowed to do that or that you’re given those opportunities or those moments, but for the most part, don’t take things for granted.


You’re an athlete that prides himself on his preparation, be it practicing, watching game film, exercising etc. How are you able to blend the two into your game, preparation and living in the moment?
Thats a good question. I know it’s kind of living before the moment, but I put everything into preparing, getting ready for the moment. Monday through Wednesday, or just today on Friday, we go over one specific part of the game plan, living in that game plan. For example, I’ll live in the redzone, learning and incorporating everything that I can into mastering my redzone game, so when the game comes and I’m in that moment of the game I don’t have to think back to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever day, I can just play and react. I don’t have to think about it beforehand, I don’t have to think about what may happen, what the results could be. It’s just taking it for how it is, then reacting and playing as myself.

Is there anyone that shares a similar mentality at the same level as yourself?
There’s a few guys on our team, and Whitten is definitely one of them. He takes everything so seriously, he’s detailed oriented and focused on everything he does. But when we’re having fun, we’re having fun. We’re able to separate the two, the business versus pleasure aspect of it all. There’s a lot of guys on our team that share that same mentality. It has allowed us to have the successes we’ve had, while having fun doing so.

It seems as if no team is having more fun playing this year than the Cowboys.
I agree, and it’s because of the work we all put in every single day, and how focused we are to detail. So when it comes to game day, everyone is pulling for everyone, everyone wants the guy next to them to make a play. No one is selfish, no one wants all the hype or credit. We just want to win as a team and we’re having fun doing so, cheering each other on.
Can you walk us through your pregame ritual, or how you get ready and in the zone, so to speak?
I always have to take a shower before I head back to the stadium. Get freshened up I guess you can say. Then once I’m at the stadium, as soon as I get in the locker room I get my warm up gear on and stretch immediately, every part of my body. I do a lot of band workouts, almost a full upper body workout with bands before the game. I have to do that, tighten my muscles up to get the blood flowing. The whole time I’m doing this, I have music on. A couple of hours before the game I’m listening to rap music, stuff like Desiigner, Kanye, Drake, and Kevin Gates. Then I go warm up, throwing to Beasley — we always throw together. But when I come back into the locker room, it’s more soft music in my headphones.

What kind of soft music?
A little bit of everything: Sam Smith, Train, Adele, Matchbox 20, a bit of a variety. I get pumped up hours before, but as I get ready for the game, I like to stay leveled, not too high or too low, so the change of music allows me to chill and reenact plays in my head. The calmer beats allow me to think better and lock in.

Check out the entire interview in its entirety at HYPEBEAST.com.

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