Are you ready to have major brands #COSIGN your event?

Like most, if the answer is yes then you should definitely download the #COSIGNSponsorshipGuide, created by K.G. Graham.

The “COSIGN SPONSORSHIP GUIDE” is a step-by-step definitive guide that will help you obtain event sponsorships. Over COSIGN’s six years of event production and management, we’ve worked with some of the most elite brands in North America. This guide not only gives you sponsorship tips, but we walk you through producing your very first event, how to create a sponsorship deck, marketing strategies to secure your sponsorship, and much more. We also provide examples and tips straight from our clients such as VILLA, Hennessy, Hpnotiq, and Reebok. All you have to do is follow the guide, shoot your shot, and get ready to produce an amazing event sponsored by some of your favorite brands.

This 40+ page guide includes:
*Step-by-step instructions on how to produce an event
*Questionnaire to put you in the mind frame of prospective sponsors
*Tips on how to find Marketing Managers from major brands
*Information on how to gather date, stats, and analytics to relay to sponsor
*Detailed list of what to include in you sponsorship deck
*Sample sponsorship deck to use as a template
*Sample email proposal to send to prospective sponsors
*Direct tips from Marketing Managers at Foot Locker, Hennessy, and Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits
*Plus more

Grab your copy today for $29.99!

“I’m tryin’ to give you a million dollars worth of game for $19.99.”

K.G. Graham is a Dallas-based Panamanian entrepreneur, curator, digital media-marketing strategist, and story seller. In 2011, after leaving a government contractor job overseas, he returned stateside. Having spent time in media as a marketing rep for Ozone Magazine, he realized a lack of diversity in print and media content, and when he was unable to find an outlet that focused on entrepreneurship, culture, and diversity, within and beyond the entertainment industry, he decided to create his own. K.G. founded COSIGN Media Group and COSIGN Magazine, with the intent of using his brand to connect creatives with one another by “COSIGNing” or endorsing them. K.G. has a passion to see others succeed, which pairs perfectly with his fervent drive to give others a space to showcase their talents and skills.

Over the past six years, K.G. has grown the COSIGN brand to a powerhouse including a multimedia creative marketing agency which houses a print publication, digital platform, and multiple event series which have brought partnerships with elite brands such as Reebok, Nike, Hennessy, Hpnotiq, VILLA, Curls, Bud Light, and Mountain Dew. He’s spoken at multiple conferences and summits, most recently at Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits Multicultural Marketing Symposium.

In 2017, K.G. was awarded the “Millennial On The Move” Award at the “Empowerment in White” Awards. That same year COSIGN also won best magazine at the “A Night For The Stars” Awards Gala.

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