COSIGN: What made you want to become a artist/rapper?
FLUID: Really man this shit found me, I wanted to play football. But when I was younger me and my homies used to jump on my computer and make songs. Since i was always good at it I stuck with it.
COSIGN: How did you get your first start in the industry?
FLUID: Shit alI i did was keep making music. I always believed that good music will do a lot of the networking for you. Not all of it, but it could lead you to a lot of doors, it’s up to you to decide if its the right door for you, if not try another door.
COSIGN: How do you come up with ideas for songs?
FLUID: A lot of times it just comes to me, I put the beat on and stop thinking. I let the music talk and see if we’re speaking the same language at the time. I’m one of those people who work best alone, or with people that are focused. I don’t like a lot of dumb shit going on while Im working, sometimes you gotta deal with it though.
COSIGN: What’s the hardest task of being an artist?
FLUID: Turning the music into money was pretty hard, there was a lot of broke ass days were I had do things I didn’t wanna do to get money to support my lifestyle. Itunes has made it a lot easier to make some cash of your music these days though. Hopefully we’ll get back to the times where people are paying for there music like how they use to back in the day.
COSIGN: Do you feel like as a rapper you should possess a certain talent?
FLUID: HELL YEA! If your having surgery do you want your doctor to have a steady hand? If you have to go to court do you want your lawyer to know the law? As an artist you should possess the ability to make good credible music. Now deciding on whats good and whats not is a matter of opinion but when you get more votes of bad then good maybe you should take a second look at what you choose as a profession.
COSIGN: What makes Fluid stand out from artists such as Slim Thug, Bun B, Lil Flip, Ludacris, Etc.
FLUID: Well for the most part, I’m a different person then anybody else in the world. I’ve had different experiences and lived a different life. I have my own way of thinking, rationalizing and doing things. There maybe some things that are similar with other artist, which is cool that just means we have something in common, but the thing that separates me from anybody else is… I am Young Fluid… and they’re them.
COSIGN: Do you plan on venturing in any other businesses besides music? If so, what business ventures do you plan on pursuing?
FLUID: Without question I will be venturing in to other platforms to make money. I’m currently involved in a couple situations now, but in the future I would consider getting into movies. Whether acting or behind the scenes I think i would be pretty playa at it. Or if a team in the NFL wants to give me a work out I think I might be able to make a couple squads. I could defiantly help out that h-town secondary! I mean shit….them boys need to let me in!
COSIGN: When your listening to music that you have to create a song for, what is the first thing you do?
FLUID: Close my eyes.
Because I want to SEE what the music is saying. I want to SEE what color the beat is… I want to SEE where it takes me… or if it takes me anywhere. but in order to do that I have to relax and close my eyes. weird huh?
COSIGN: What are you currently working on?
FLUID: I’m currently working on my album Food & Water set for release early next year I have a mixtape set for release before the album called appetizers and hourdurves, Also I’m working on an event with my homie Desean Jones called “THE SEAN BANKS PROJECT” but I’ll keep you posted on that..
COSIGN: What motivates you to create a song?
FLUID: A lot of things motivate me It could be people around me, emotion, situation, money or just the music itself. Motivation comes in any form you allow it.
COSIGN: Being a artist you may get positive and negative reviews. How do you handle negative reviews and contstructive criticism?
FLUID: First you gotta understand who you are asking, what they know,what they like, and what they are looking for. Secondly, I accept all opinions as just that, opinions. If they didn’t feel like that they wouldn’t of said what they said. From there, I can consider their thoughts and maybe readjust, or I can say “Fuck dat” and keep it moving. But for the record, just because someone gives you negative response doesn’t mean they’re “hating” it means they were honest enough with you to tell you something you might not want to hear, as an artist you should respect that and move on.
COSIGN: What has been your most fulfilling experience as a rapper?
FLUID: All the positive feedback I get has to be they most fulfilling thing about making good music. I aint talking bout that, my homies think it’s cool shit. I’m talking bout that, stranger run up on you and tell you how they jam yo shit everyday on their way to work shit! That real heartfelt appreciation for what you do it means a lot, almost more then anything. Almost
COSIGN: Who do you want to work with in the future?
FLUID: I’d like to do a show with the roots as my live band I think that would be playa. Other than that, there is a lot of artist I look forward to working with, but nobody in particular that I would make one of my goals to get on a record. I was blessed to be able to work with my homie Mista Lonestar countless amount of times before he passed, but if I could bring him back there is nobody I’d rather work with.
COSIGN: What would be a classic collab for you?
FLUID: Um nobody in particular I try and make classics regardless of who I’m working with. but just thinking off the top maybe Cee-lo, Anthony Hamilton, Erykah Badu or somebody real soulful like that.
COSIGN: What are your top 5 “Fluid” songs?
FLUID: I’ve been asking myself that for years. I honestly cant tell you cuz its different everytime I think about it
COSIGN: Where can your fans find “Fluid” at?
FLUID: You can catch me on twitter @fluid254 Facebook.com/fluidtx and I’ll have the website youngfluid.com up and running soon
COSIGN: Who do you cosign?
FLUID: I co-sign all of the Central Texas Hustlers! That’s Killeen, Temple, Waco, Austin, Round Rock and everywhere in between. If you trying to create your own I fux with dat

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