COSIGN Mag Sits Down with Lauren Engel, Celebrity Photographer
Words by: Vanessa Peters | @sofxposh

Editor of C-Heads Magazine, Lauren Engel is a celebrity photographer that has shot more than a few people you may know like Gigi Hadid, Justin Beiber, Diplo, and Kendrick Lamar just to name a few. Her features and collaborations span from Hypebeast and Highsnobiety to Adidas and models.com. COSIGN had the pleasure of picking her brain on her work and growth as a an artist.


COSIGN: Lauren as a celebrity photographer we know your time is precious so we appreciate you taking time out to interview with COSIGN Mag so thank you! Anyway tell us how photography started out for you?

L.E.: Aw haha! No worries. I started around the age of 15/16 photographing my friends and classmates. It progressed into shooting fashion with agency models and doing campaigns and look books. In the last two years I started getting into event photography and over the years I did travel and lifestyle also.

COSIGN: That seems like quite the progression! What else is there besides photography?

L.E.: Learning a lot, I’m actually planning on a career in data analytics so I like that aspect. I enjoy reading Quora a lot and watching tutorials about everything on YouTube.


COSIGN: What’s your gear?

L.E.: I have a Canon 5D Mark II and 35mm f/2.0 and 50mm f/1.4. I occasionally borrow my friend’s Mark III and 50mm f/1.2.

COSIGN: I love the photos you took with DJ TigerLily, what was it like shooting with her?

L.E.: Aw thanks! She’s incredible, one of the most bubbly and fun people to shoot. She has a great team behind her who are motivating and have great plans for her.


COSIGN: What is your favorite magazine and why?

L.E.: I’m so biased but C-Heads Magazine because I’m one of the editors *laughs*. I love the topics that are covered and the art throughout the site and print. The artists who are on there are also very motivational and inspiring.

COSIGN: Do you have a personal interest in fashion and if so can you tell us about it?

L.E.: Last year I started styling my models and it’s been really fun. The urge came from all the difficulties with arranging a full team and I’ve always been interested in fashion. I started contacting brands and they were interested in providing clothing for my shoots. I love being in control of the shoot and how it turns out!


COSIGN: I have to agree with you there. Having that ultimate control over a shoot takes a lot of the stress out of the shoot contrary to what people believe. What inspires you to continue capturing moments?

L.E.: Interesting question, I think knowing that there is a limited time I have on earth *laughs* and that I want to photograph as many notable people as I could and experience a lot through photography.

COSIGN: Where can our readers find your work and your social media?

L.E.: www.engelauren, insta: @engelauren, www.facebook.com/engelauren

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