Seven TED Talks That Will Give You New Perspective
By: Milana Edwards | @milanalchemista

In need of a little inspiration? These seven TED Talks made me stop and reevaluate my outlook.

1. Start with the Why- Simon Sinek
Ever wonder why some ads are so compelling? Why you feel an odd personal loyalty to some brands, but not others? Simon Sinek breaks down the difference between pitches and sharing your true inspiration. This video helped me think twice about putting my passion out there, at the least, this talk will help you rethink your elevator pitch.

2. The Unheard Story of David and Goliath- Malcolm Gladwell
Besides being an amazing storyteller, Malcolm Gladwell has an uncanny ability to look at the same facts as everyone else, but come to new conclusions. In this talk, Gladwell reminds us that things are not always what they seem and that winning and losing is all really a matter of perspective.

3. Your Body Language Shapes Who you Are- Amy Cuddy
The way you literally carry yourself deeply affects the way you feel and therefore behave. I don’t want it to give it away, but Amy Cuddy here delivers some concrete advice on how to make yourself feel more powerful. This one’s a life changer.

4. The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed- Bill Gross
The answer is not what you think. Bill Gross has launched and researched hundreds of startups, the successful ones all have one thing in common. If you’ve ever had a great business idea, but are scared to try it, this talk might help you decide whether or not to pull the trigger.

5. Your Elusive Creative Genius- Elizabeth Gilbert
The author of Eat Pray Love here challenges our fear of jumping out there and becoming a “creative”. She raises the question of who our creativity belongs to, is it us? Or is it a higher power? Gilbert dares us to let go of the narcissism attached to doing amazing work in order to let go of the pain that comes with being, at times, subpar. If we think of our talents as God-given, or divinely inspired, it’s easier for us to stop being starving artists and start being vessels for genius.

6. Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career- Larry Smith
This video is…quirky. But what Larry Smith lacks in linear thought, he makes up for in personality. In his 15-minute long video, Smith kind of bullies the audience into following dreams and pursuing passions. He completely obliterates every excuse we ever gave ourselves to do anything other than be great.

7. 5 Ways to Listen Better- Justin Treasure
Justin Treasure reminds us that only truly, deeply listening can create understanding. But what happens when we live in a world where we are not encouraged to hear one another? Here, Treasure suggests 5 simple listening activities to help you prime your ears for being a better listener and a thereby a better leader.

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