This is Texas folks… home of everything large and the epicenter of rebellion. Yea, that’s right! On the days where we aren’t threatening to leave the union we are probably getting “lit” at one of the many music festivals in Austin, or we have taken the day off to go play with our guns. What? No chill? OK. Anyway I guess ill get down to business, I’ve set up shop here in Austin, TX and I have seen a lot of talent come and go. The capitol of Texas gives you the hottest live music in the world right now. Thousands of new people join us here every year to get a piece of the pie, and it is my personal pleasure to introduce you to the liveliest band in Austin right now, Anahata X Milytia.

AXM is a rookie collective of artists coming from various backgrounds and utilizing a plethora of crafts to get their message across. Now what is that message? Only the most easy-going, profound, and ancient message of all, to live free and live true. The group consists of several photographers, musicians, fashion designers, producers, creative directors, and maybe even an author or two. It’s absolutely something else to see so many people cooperate and incorporate their creative energies.

– @UdaraPrime

Flame Emoji by Anahata Anja ft. Billy Racxx

Ya Ya ft. Billy Race

Static by Richy Hyliger ft Billy Racxx & Anahata Anja

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