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Delight in Dallas Soil at These Natural Local Restaurants
Words by: Librada Cruz |@thelibrada

Replenishing your body is the purest form of satisfaction. We have one mind and one body with only a few chances a day to make choices that will propel us through our busy days. Its 2016, people have actually started caring about what they’re putting into their bodies and a few restaurants have risen to the challenge to provide an alternative to “the itis.”

Eating right is something I am particularly passionate about; as a pescatarian, I have never felt better in my 27 years of life. Since October 2015, I have modified my diet to primarily veggies with the occasional seafood item, I only buy fresh ingredients and I read labels. Yes I am that person. I don’t want the fish that traveled all the way from China and sat out of water on the street for a few hours before it was frozen, sue me. I’ve learned that contrary to popular belief, you can eat a healthy meal and feel complete satisfaction. Too often we ignore the guilt of inhaling a plate of fried food or over eating at a barbecue – it’s time to fix that. Dallas exudes a culture that is all about supporting locals, let’s include support for the local farmers and eateries with a passion for good wholesome ingredients. Allow me to share some healthy, conscientious and delectable choices right here in Dallas. These restaurants serve the freshest ingredients along with amazing taste. These spots will leave you feeling full and happy and may even give you an idea or two on switching up how and what you cook in your own home. You’re welcome.


Southpaw’s Organic Grill

Personally, I say this quote roughly 2-3 times a month, and often times it’s not warranted and does not make sense in the situation I use it in, but I throw it out there nonetheless. If you don’t know what this quote is from, I’m not telling you and we’re also probably not friends. I appreciate Southpaw’s boxer theme and as an amateur boxer, I appreciate the menu items even more. Each of the four locations promises a good clean meal and cool boxer photos. You cannot go wrong with this menu. Fresh juices are a huge hit, no sugar added. They only use organic and natural options that don’t include nitrates. They carry natural, clean and sustainably raised products that are bought from local and surrounding states. What a pleasure it is to go somewhere that serves organic, healthy food and not feel like you’re in a gym. Change your lifestyle, change your life.

Librada’s Favorite:
Tiffany’s Avocado Bowl
Light and refreshing, but oh so satisfying.
Half of an avocado filled with your choice of hummus, tabbouleh or tuna on spinach with balsamic vinaigrette.
Locations: Preston Center | Gables Uptown Tower | Equinox Highland Park | Equinox Preston Hollow


Garden Café

“Grow your own, feed your own” seems to be the mantra that Garden Café lives by, and once you visit you’ll see why. Swing through Old East Dallas into the Junius Heights neighborhood to find this gem. You’ll see how Garden Café earned the name once you go to the back patio greeted by the large garden where many herbs are actually picked and put directly onto customer plates. With a self-described Southern style brunch, don’t plan to grab dinner here because their hours are 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day of the week. My favorite thing about this place is that you are invited to bring your own champagne to dive into mimosas in the garden. There can’t be a better brunch out there.

Librada’s Favorite:
Veggie Omelet
Talk about good morning, YUM to this one!
Mushroom, onion, spinach, bell pepper, tomato, garlic and kale.
5310 Junius Street in the Munger Square Center


Spiral Diner
NO ONE CARES THAT YOU’RE A VEGAN – but we’re happy that with the existence of vegans, the wonderful Spiral Diner was born.
Meat lovers beware, what you’re eating is not meat. We get it, you haven’t tried a vegan restaurant and you don’t know what to expect, these things can be intimidating. Just try the nachos (yes they have vegan nachos, yes they contain cashew-based nacho cheese, yes they’re good, just trust me). Spiral prides itself on making pretty much everything they serve, in-house and from scratch. The bakery can best be described as a little piece of heaven, made for earth’s little angels in Oak Cliff. We have come to love Spiral Diner for the way they love their workers and paying them a wage that they can live off of. The menu costs are reasonable and you can expect happy faces from all employees when you visit, and please do visit.

Librada’s Favorite:
Jamaican Jerk BBQ San’ich
YOU GUYS! This sandwich is so bomb, it is savory and sweet and made me smile with the first bite. I highly recommend this one.
Multi-grain tempeh marinated in homemade jerk sauce, blackened and topped with grilled pineapple, lettuce, red onion, pickles and mayo. Served on multi-grain bread.
Locations: The Funk – 1314 W. Magnolia | Oak Cliff – 1101 N. Beckley

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