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Project Number Three.  I’d say we’re getting pretty good at this.  The first cypher was so well received that it was only right that we did another one.  The question was, what do we do different this time?  With every video that we complete, we want it to have a different feel, a different tone, and a different aesthetic while still staying true to what everyone liked about Vol. 1.   We teamed up with Jaren at @JCICreatives once again to bring this vision life, but this time had a few new people along for the ride.  Major shout out to our Sponsors:  Sparkling Ice and our friends over at the Artistic Visual Studios. Now we come to the artists.  Each artist picked came highly recommended by their peers and not only rose to this challenge but added their own style to an already unique instrumental.  We have been SO APPALLED by Kanye’s behavior lately and we miss the Ole Ye so much that we decided to give him tribute and hope that he can one day find his inner peace.  Let’s Continue to support local talent and local artists.

Artists By Order of Appearance  

  1. Nilly from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Opening up the cypher is an amazingly talented artist.  We at Cosign have been following Nilly’s impressive resume for a while.  Fun Fact:  he was hand picked by Rick Ross to compete on his show “VH1 Signed”.   His #TalkToEmTuesdays videos have been gaining major traction and is proof that consistency is key.  .  He is a completely polished performer and has fire and passion in every bar that he spits.  When Vol. 1 dropped, I was literally told “Nilly needs to be in your next cypher!”, and you have to give the people what they want.  IG @its_nilly


2.  Wolf Taylor from North Dallas, Texas.  Ironically, I met Wolf months before at an event at Artistic Visual Studios.  He wasn’t even performing.  He was behind the camera.  However, all the other performing artists said that I needed to check him out.  I was thoroughly impressed.   An unconventional flow.  He rides a beat and delivers every punchline.  You will definitely have to listen to his verse several times to catch everything he’s saying. IG @heroeswolf


3. Blackk Egyptt from California.  I’ve watched Blackk Egyptt perform several times over the years. He walks the line between poetry and hip-hop so seamlessly.  He has impressive imagery, metaphors that aren’t cliche, and still delivers a militant message that is anti-group-think.  IG @Blackkegyptt


4.  Coach Tev from Dallas, Texas.  Also came highly recommended.  Tev has an organic cockiness and swagger to his flow that works for him.  I first heard him it was on a track called “Hi Hopes” with B. Anderson and Imag (who were also featured in previous Cosign projects respectively).  It really is crazy how things connect.  Tev delivers bars with surgical precision like a doctor with a scalpel.  IG @coachtev


5.  Matt Swagnew from Dallas, Texas.  Started the cypher with high energy and end it.  Matt is entertaining to watch and listen to. His intensity adds a spark to each performance whether it be in this Cypher or live.  His confidence is captivating and he engages you in a way that you are compelled to listen to every punchline that he spits.  IG @Matt_Swagnew  





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