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How To Create, Launch, Grow, Market, & Promote a Card Game + More w/ Stanley Newcomer of UrbanTrivia

We sat down with Stanley Newcomer, Co-Founder of Urban Trivia to discuss how him and a group of friends launched the #1 black-owned card game that goes beyond game nights. It lives via live game experiences as well. In this interview he shares how to launch and promote a card game, what assisted in the success of Urban Trivia, plus more.


We are a group of friends who created Urban Trivia from scratch. We started out hosting our trivia game, live, all across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to provide a fun and unique approach to the urban social scene. Once news of the pandemic hit, we turned our popular live game into a virtual, interactive experience. As the game continued to grow, we wanted to see how we could expand our reach and allow more people to enjoy it on their own and play amongst their friends and family. And just like that, Urban Trivia Card Game was born.




IG: @TheUrbanTriviaGame


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