Mayor Rachel: A Visionary Leader and Entrepreneur Empowering the Community

Mayor Rachel of DeSoto, Texas, has been recognized and honored with the prestigious COSIGN award for her outstanding contributions as a second-generation entrepreneur and a dedicated public servant. In this article, we will delve into Mayor Rachel’s journey, from her non-traditional path to her role in various businesses. We will also explore her vision for bringing healthy food options to underserved communities, her experience in balancing multiple roles, and her commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and creatives.

Mayor Rachel’s Journey as a Second-Generation Entrepreneur:

Mayor Rachel’s path to entrepreneurship was not a conventional one. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in business, she witnessed firsthand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Inspired by her entrepreneurial lineage, she embarked on her own journey, starting with her involvement in the family business and eventually becoming a franchisee. Her unwavering commitment to success and her willingness to embrace new ventures have been pivotal in shaping her journey.

The Impact of Mayor Rachel’s Involvement in Various Businesses:

Mayor Rachel’s foray into different businesses has had a profound impact not only on her personal growth but also on the communities she serves. Through her experiences, she has gained invaluable insight into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and has become a strong advocate for their success. Her diverse background has given her a unique perspective, enabling her to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and public service.

Bringing Healthy Food Options to Underserved Communities:

A crucial component of Mayor Rachel’s vision is the provision of healthy food options to underserved communities. Recognizing the disparities in access to nutritious food, she aims to create a more equitable landscape by bringing quality food establishments to areas that have been historically overlooked. Her commitment to this cause stems from her belief that everyone, regardless of their zip code, deserves access to nutritious and affordable food choices.

The Challenges of Balancing Multiple Roles:

As a leader, entrepreneur, and public official, Mayor Rachel faces the ongoing challenge of balancing multiple roles and delegating effectively. Through her experience, she has learned the importance of prioritization, time management, and building a strong team. By surrounding herself with capable individuals and developing strong systems, she has been able to navigate the demands of her various responsibilities while staying focused on her vision for the community.

Developing Leadership Skills and Being Intentional:

Mayor Rachel’s journey has taught her the importance of developing leadership skills and implementing them in different areas of her life. She emphasizes the need to be intentional and purposeful in pursuing goals, whether in business or public service. By having a clear vision, setting measurable objectives, and constantly seeking personal and professional growth, she has become a role model for aspiring leaders.

Unexpected Journey into Politics and Public Service:

Mayor Rachel’s unexpected journey into politics and public service was a turning point in her life. Initially, she had no plans of pursuing a career in this field. However, circumstances led her to embrace this path, and it turned out to be a perfect fit for her passion for community development and uplifting others. This unexpected detour allowed her to channel her entrepreneurial spirit into making a tangible impact on the lives of the people she serves.

Balancing Accessibility and Navigating Social Media:

As a public official, Mayor Rachel understands the importance of accessibility and utilizing social media as a means of connecting with constituents. However, she also recognizes the challenges of engaging authentically in a digital world. Balancing the need for personal privacy with the desire to connect with people can be delicate. Mayor Rachel manages this by using social media as a tool to share her personal life while still prioritizing genuine connections in person.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Creatives:

Mayor Rachel’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and creatives is evident through her involvement in creating the Grow DeSoto marketplace, a platform that provides opportunities for small businesses. With her deep understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, she actively advocates for their success by fostering an environment that encourages innovation and economic growth.

Embracing the Value of Relationships and Partnerships:

Mayor Rachel firmly believes that partnerships and relationships are key to the success of any venture, especially entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the importance of fostering genuine connections and maintaining supportive networks. By collaborating with local cities and organizations, entrepreneurs can expand their reach, gain valuable mentorship, and access resources that contribute to their growth.

Monetizing Experiences and Embracing AI in Entrepreneurship:

Mayor Rachel advises aspiring entrepreneurs to monetize their own experiences and frameworks, focusing on delivering results rather than just selling a product or service. While she acknowledges the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in entrepreneurship, she views it as a tool rather than competition. Authenticity and real expertise will always hold value in service-based entrepreneurship.

Planning, Vision, and Being Ready for Opportunities:

Mayor Rachel emphasizes the importance of planning and vision in community development and entrepreneurship. By being intentional and forward-thinking, entrepreneurs can create spaces where businesses can thrive. Additionally, she highlights the significance of being prepared for opportunities, seizing them when they arise, and using setbacks as stepping stones for growth.

Building Wealth and Creating a Thriving Community:

Mayor Rachel’s commitment to community development extends beyond entrepreneurship. She envisions a DeSoto where people can live, work, and play without having to leave their city. Through initiatives like the Hampton Road Redevelopment Project and her interest in real estate investment, she strives to create a downtown area that fosters vibrant businesses and enhances the quality of life for residents.

Legacy and Guiding Others through Personal Experience:

Mayor Rachel’s legacy is rooted in her desire to guide and support others through personal experiences. She values the lessons learned from both wins and losses, understanding that setbacks play a pivotal role in growth and preparation for future success. Her transparency, resilience, and commitment to being a tour guide rather than a travel agent have made her an invaluable resource for those navigating their own entrepreneurial journeys.


Mayor Rachel’s journey as a second-generation entrepreneur and public servant has been marked by resilience, vision, and a commitment to empowering the community. Through her involvement in various businesses, advocacy for underserved communities, and dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and creatives, she has become a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for positive change. Mayor Rachel’s story reminds us of the power of leadership, service, and genuine connections in creating a thriving ecosystem where everyone can thrive.

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