In this latest episode of #COSIGNConversations we sat down with Kizzle, the founder of Express Yourself Black Man and the creator of A Black Man’s Safe Haven.

In this podcast we really unpacked a few stigmas. Check out a few of the topics we discussed:

-The importance of expression and finding your own voice, especially as a Black man in a society that can often silence or marginalize our voices.

-The challenges that Black men face in navigating masculinity and traditional gender norms, and the importance of breaking down these barriers to achieve true equality and liberation.

-The importance of community and building connections with other Black men, as a means of support, solidarity, and collective action toward positive change.

-How to deal with trauma and heartbreak

-Does time really heal all wounds

Express Yourself Black Man (XYBM) @expressyourselfblackman is building a healthier, Black community by teaching and equipping Black men with the tools and resources they need to grow and heal. XYBM focuses on meeting Black men where they are and offering them the information they need to succeed in language they understand. The platform consists of a podcast (available on all podcast streaming platforms), social media community (with over 75K+ Black people across all social media platforms), and a holistic healing app for Black men, A Black Man’s Safe Haven (@blackmansafehaven). Safe Haven is a holistic healing platform that was built to take the stress out of the healing journey for Black men. In Safe Haven, Black men are paired with Black therapists, so they can finally heal from the things they find it difficult to talk about and they are provided access to a support network of over 250 Black men, so they don’t have to heal alone. Express Yourself Black Man is currently one of the largest mental health platforms for Black men, built by Black men.

Instagram: @expressyourselfblackman (https://www.instagram.com/expressyour…)

TikTok: @expressyourselfblackman (https://www.tiktok.com/@expressyourse…)

YouTube: Express Yourself Black Man (   / expressyourselfbl…  )

Website: www.expressyourselfblackman.com



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