The Psychology Behind Marketing + Building Your Business Without Social Media

“People make decisions and people make purchases based off of emotions.” – Emmelie De La Cruz

What emotions does your marketing strategy evoke? How are you making people feel? Do you have a marketing strategy? We talk all things marketing in this episode from sales funnels and full campaigns to social media and setting KPI’s. Emmelie even shares how she was able to build and SUSTAIN a business without social media.

Talking Points:

-What’s a true marketing campaign?

-Setting KPIs

-What should entrepreneurs do to increase their sales?

-Sales Funnel

-When do you automate your funnel?

-How to build a business to where you don’t need social media to sustain

-How much should you spend on ads?

-How do you maintain your sanity? Sanity & Success Podcast

-When should someone quit?

-Advice for entrepreneurs

Emmelie De La Cruz is a serial entrepreneur, author, and trainer with one goal: to rescue overworked founders from being held hostage by their marketing. After a decade in Corporate America working for top tech and consumer brands, she launched her One Day CMO consultancy to train CEOs and their teams on building intentional marketing strategies and workflows.

After relocating from Atlanta, she noticed a need for creative spaces for Dallas entrepreneurs. She launched Dallas Studio Loft, a content studio and intimate event space in downtown Dallas. Here she not only creates her clients’ campaigns and activations, she provides equipment and resources for creatives and business owners to develop their marketing as well.

Her unapologetic approach to life and business has earned her a highly engaged following on social media, features across top publications like Forbes, and the opportunity to work with brands like Staples, Dropbox, Capital One, Black Enterprise, and Coca-Cola. You can connect with her across social media: @emmeliedelacruz, listen to her Sanity and Success podcast, or visit her site onedaycmo.com.

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