In this interview we sat down with Marty McDonald, Founder of global media empire, Boss Women Media. In this episode we discuss her early beginnings, how and why she started Boss Women Media, how she produced her very first event out of pocket for $25k, scaling her business, and doing $950,000 in partnerships during the pandemic, plus more.

Marty’s bio:

Like many, she wants to live her best life, so she decided to leap after her dreams of creating a community of empowerment, change, and freedom after an 11-year corporate career with various fortune 500 companies. She took an idea based on connection and turned it into a movement including the multi-city Black Girl Magic Tour, the annual Boss Woman of the Year Summit, and a loyal community of more than 100,000 women. Marty’s plan is to continue to expand the growth of the community of women she is building and to help them empower one another through connection, networking, and workshops. Marty knows that most women are allowing fear to hold them back from accomplishing the goals they want to achieve. She is on a mission to help women achieve more and remove fear as the barrier to the women who have big goals & big dreams. Marty believes we can chase and achieve them every single day.

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