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Cosign Fashion: The Glam District Presents: A-Z Essentials for your Closet

Below is an alphabetical list I have created of clothing and styling tools that are essentials to every girls closet. Repost, share and save this list so that you can check off each item the next time you’re giving your wardrobe a makeover.

Accessories duh! You should never have an excuse for a “bland” look. Get creative and throw on that bracelet that clashes with your scarf, or mix some of your silver and gold jewelry.

Belts can help to “resize” an oversize top from today’s thrift stop, or just add something extra to your little-black-dress.

Coats are an essential during the winter time, so gather a collection for more transitional looks. Invest in at least one heavy duty, yet stylish coat, each year.

Designer pieces can make their way into any girl’s closet. You may not be about to afford them at full price, but guess what?! Thrift stores are loaded with designer clothing and accessories.

Eveningwear such as cocktail dresses, gowns, and evening shoes, are good to keep around in the case that you get invited to an event or gala at the last minute, and don’t have the time to shop for the proper attire.

Fitness attire should be in every girl’s possession. You may not work-out often, or even at all, but when you do get the niche- you can’t say you had nothing to wear.

Graphic tee’s may seem a bit childish, however they’re really cheap in stores and can had a whimsical twist on any look. Try adding layers or an open sweater over your tee.

Hats come in handy during each season. If it’s a bad hair day…hat. Rainy day and you just curled your hair?…hat. They can be lifesavers. Take your pic of an athletic look or keep it sassy.

Intimate apparel should be kept in your closet on standby for a special occasion, or just whenever you want to surprise your significant other.

Jeans are definitely a given. Get a few pairs that are different washes; ripped light wash, dark wash with “bleach spots”, etc.

Knit tops really serve their purpose. Each designer/brand will use different threads for their knits, so you can choose between a summer knit- allowing a breeze, or a winter knit- to secure warmth.

Leggings! I bet you saw this one coming. Leggings are one of the most worn garments today. They are amazing for layering your fall looks or to just lounge in.

Maxi dresses are at the top of my “comfortable clothing” list. Maxi’s give you a free feeling in the summer or fall, while being covered up, and are really cute when paired with denim jackets.

Novelty socks in relation to your favorite holiday, or maybe a cartoon character you love, are fun surprises when taking off your footwear. They always spark convo when others around you see them.

Outerwear doesn’t necessarily have to be jackets or coats. Cardigans and button-up tops help to add style to a casual look.

Party dresses should accompany your closet. Purchase some dresses that you can grab for girl’s night out or a trip to the hottest spot in Uptown this weekend.

Quilted leather accessories or handbags always make a chic statement. Your statement pieces will definitely be noticed with this detailed leather.

Rain boots come in many fashionable colors and patterns, so you can “step-out stylish” on a rainy day.

Scarves are one of the most simple accessories you can use to spice up a simple sweater or dress. They can be purchased in heavy, or light materials, to coordinate with each season.

Trench coats are iconic closet essentials. This vintage-inspired trend will never go out of style.

Undergarments- However, I am not addressing underwear or bra’s here…We should know to start off with those things ladies. Tanks or even long-john’s are undergarments that will come in handy for layering.

Vests will add a preppy touch to a casual dress or top that you feel needs some “dressing up”.

Wedges are the most comfortable heel, in my opinion. Every year, I’m anxious for the spring and summer seasons to wear my newest pair of wedges with swimsuits, dresses or jeans.

X-tra basics! Basics are clothing items such as spaghetti-strap tanks, bandeau tops, and tights. You may need something to go underneath a new top so that it’s “work appropriate”, this is why stocking up on basics is a must. X-tra please.

Yoga clothing can be added to your fitness wear collection. For some reason yoga attire makes me feel more “stylish” when working out… yes that matters! Wear your new yoga pants even if you’re just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

Zipper trends have been popular amongst many designers lately. A dress or jacket that has a “faux zipper” can be considered a statement- another fave of The Glam District.

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-Ashley Dior

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