[INTERVIEW] Bryana LaPrell Interviews Chasity Samone

Cosign Mag Interview

Model: Chasity Samone

Bry Jones for Cosign Magazine (CM)

Bry (CM): First things first, give me an intro; let the people know who you are.

Chas: I’m Chasity Samone. I’m from the “Triple D”, Dallas, TX. I’m 22 and currently modeling out in New York.

CM: When and what made you decide that you wanted to model? What was your inspiration?

Chas: I can’t single handedly give credit to one person but, the influence of other’s always telling me that I should try it out gave me the idea. After that, I started doing work with Dallas agency ‘Haus Inc’ (@hausinc_)*. They took me in and took my craft seriously, that’s what really pushed me through the door.

CM: Take me to the moment when you found out that you got signed. How was that for you?

Chas: I remember being at home, chilling with my oldest sister, Erica and I got that phone call. I can’t describe the way that I felt; it was just all so surreal.  I didn’t cry though, I couldn’t believe it was happening but I was ready to take on the challenge.

CM: How’s New York treating you, anything that you’re still not used to?

Chas: Of course it was a culture shock going from the South up North; I mean it really is the total opposite of what I’m use to. Everything from the people, to the weather, to the transportation, it’s just really different.

CM:  Where do you generally shop?

Chas: I’d have to say H&M, Top Shop, and some of the cute boutiques around SoHo (for those who aren’t hip, that’s a neighborhood in Manhattan in NYC).

CM: What are some of the rewards of being a model?

Chas:  The perks of being a model are great. You get treated like a Barbie doll with people dressing you up, putting on makeup and making you beautiful every day. I just feel like a queen when I’m doing work.

CM:  Do you have any dislikes about the industry?

Chas: I don’t necessarily “dislike” anything about the modeling industry but I will say I don’t care for the racism that still exists. I have to work twice as hard because I’m an African American woman in the modeling industry, but I honestly feel like that that’s how it is with any field you just have to stay positive to get through it.

CM: What are the differences between print and runway modeling, and which do you prefer?

Chas: Runway isn’t as much money as print. But besides that, I like doing print work more because it’s actually showcasing art and I can have it forever.

CM: Out of all the photos that you’ve taken, do you have a favorite set?

Chas: Yes, I do. It’s the lock screen on my phone right now. It was shot by Devin White (@devinwhitedfw) with Miguel (@miguelofdallas)* as the hairstylist; both are based out of Dallas. I love them!

CM:  Have you gotten that “diva syndrome” with any crazy demands while you’re on set?

Chas: I take my manager with me everywhere and I’m a diva to him but not to the actual people that I’m doing work with. I haven’t gotten that diva, yet.

CM: Ok, stepping away from your modeling career for a second, as you know here at Cosign we cater to our music heads. Who is your favorite rapper, whether it’s your all-time or just current favorite?

Chas: Hmm… That’s tough. Currently, I’d have to say Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T. But my goat (again, for those who aren’t hip, that’s “greatest of all time”) is Lil’ Wayne.  I’ve been rocking with him since the Carter II and can’t wait for The Carter V.

CM: As a whole, would you say modeling has changed your life?

Chas: Yes, absolutely. Going from TX to NY wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for modeling. I still wake up sometimes not believing that I have a manager, a team, doing music videos and all of that. I think it still feels like a dream because I have so many other goals that I feel like I haven’t done anything.

CM:  Any future projects or collabs that you’re excited about?

Chas: I do have an EP coming out that I have in the works.  No final details just yet, but it is coming soon. I’ve always wanted to sing and do music so this is my baby that I’m taking time with.

CM: Is there anything that we can expect from Chasity Samone?

Chas: No, I don’t have any expectations so neither should anybody else. I just want to create with no limitations and be great.

CM: Anything else that you’d like to say to those of us who are watching?

Chas: Be prepared to see me everywhere, I’m not holding back and taking up every opportunity that comes my way.  I’d also like to give thanks to all who do support me; I wish you all many blessings and continue to pray for me.

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