Chance The Rapper might be the coolest RAPPER ever!!

Chance The Rapper’s Fan Photoshoot

For those that didn’t know, Chance The Rapper performed in Dallas last night for the very first time EVER! Touring with one of the biggest independent artists, Mac Miller, he put on one hell of a show and spent some unexpected, quality time with my friends and I after his set. Marie, from Vine, happened to be one of the friends with me, of course. Please note that Marie is the biggest Chance The Rapper fan on this Earth. I swear to all of you readers up and down this girl doesn’t have much love for any hip hop what so ever, but once she was introduced to Acid Rap, she was hooked like phonics. I waited patiently with Marie outside of the venue after Chance’s set in hopes that he would come outside so she could meet him, and sure enough, he waltzed out of his tour bus where we could see him in plain site. We got his attention, he walked over, and we chilled pretty hard with Chance for a good 30 minutes or so. I wanted to make sure that Marie got the proper proof that she did, in fact, get to meet and hang out with Chance. So once the time came to take her picture with him, I said to Chance “I just want you to do whatever poses you want for about 2 minutes and I’ll snap random shots.” He replied with, “I’m down, let’s do it.” I ran to my car to grab my camera instead of just using my phone, and once I got back by the busses, Chance and my friends started doing the poses. We literally did a mini photo shoot! This was probably one of the greatest moments of Marie’s life and us here at cosign wanted to present this moment to you. So here you have it, Chance the Rapper making his fans dreams come true!

Also peep the video of him performing the track titled “Smoke Again”!

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