Casting Calls Do's and Dont

Attention All Models, Instagram Models, FaceTime Models, “Published Models”, and just Models lets take a moment to review somethings  about Casting calls:

Here Are A Few Golden Rules To  Being Successful in The Modeling World.

  • Do be on time. No matter if the casting is an open call or appointment base, if you want the job being late is not an option. Excuses of I got lost, I thought it was open all day is NOT an excuse. A client wants to be assured if you are being considered for a job they can count on you to be time conscious. Arrive a few minutes earlier that way you can get a feel of what is going on and cut out any possibilities of being late.
  • Don’t be a Diva. Showing up late, or with an entourage is a no go. Don’t think that the casting is all about you, this is a one way ticket to never being hired.  A humble and willing heart is key to success.
  • Be Confident. You don’t have to be unpleasant, you are the one looking to be chosen, but having confidence is a difference, smile be assertive, make eye contact, and show the client why you deserve the job. And have fun don’t be uptight.
  • Don’t show up unprepared. If there are instructions or a list of things you will need for the casting make sure to read over it  a few days prior and prepare a model bag, portfolio, or comp card the day before. You don’t want to arrive and look out of place because you didn’t follow instructions. If this casting requires having a talent please practice and prepare the night before don’t wait until the day of.
  • Do have a nice clean look. As a model you are basically a blank canvas waiting for the clients vision to turn you into a masterpiece. With that being said, do not come dress to impress. Most casting calls ask that you show up in solid colors tops, nice bottoms, and heels. Wear something that compliments your look but don’t over dress or accessorize it takes away from the real reason they may want to hire you.
  • Don’t Change your look to much. In this day in time its all about change, but in the world of modeling have a look and sticking to it will not only get your foot in the door but will keep you in. I’m not saying don’t freshen your look over time but have an adaptable look clients can work with if your pictures are of you with black hair but this week you wanted the Beyoncé blonde, you will sometime take away a uniqueness your picture may have shown. * Note for Call backs wear the same outfit and hairstyle you had on the first casting so they will remember why they choose you.*
  • Do You, Focus, and don’t get too casual.  Everyone is not your friend especially when she wants your job.  Remember to focus and know this game isn’t for the weak. You should set your target and go for it, girls are catty and will throw curve balls to get you off your game….can you handle it?
  • Don’t ever leave the house without a model bag.  You can Google different things that needs to be in a model bag. As an aspiring model you may get a hit for a casting call at the last minute, and you don’t want to show up in your “Day job” “ I work at Pizza Hut “ look, though some have the talent to work it, but this goes back to being prepared.
  • Do Keep trying. If you are a freelance model casting can be hard to come by so you have to do a lot of research and stay in the loop of this industry, make connections and build relationships for the future.
  • Don’t let Rejection stop you from your Dreams. This industry is not for the weak its for the Gladiators who see the top and will not take no as a stopping point but as a green light to keep going. Okay, I had a Olivia Pope moment but seriously anything you do in life requires hard work and dedication never give up!!!!

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Jasmine Soleil

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