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Name: Cristina Colomer
Nickname: Tina
Age: 23
Height: 5’ 1”
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hometown: New Orleans
Instagram: @tweedletina
Weapon of Choice: Machete 😉

This article was featured in Issue XI of COSIGN Magazine “Watch The Throne 2015” edition which can be purchased at www.cosignmag.com/issue11.


Being that this is our “Watch The Throne” Issue, what does it take to be your KING?

He must be a man of honor. He should respect me and accept me the way I am (no matter how loca I can be!) I love a man who has a plan for his future, not just someone whose main priority is to be the best swagged out dude on the block. You know who you are!

Do you have any future endeavors outside of modeling?

The way I see it, my future is so bright! I don’t imagine myself anything less than successful no matter what I put my efforts into. I’m a pretty headstrong person. I would like to further my talents in makeup artistry. That’s always been my passion since my junior year in high school.


How do you feel about instagram models?

Do your thing! At least you’re trying to get yourself out there. It’s better than sitting around and not doing anything. You never know. The right person could stumble across you and you could be the next big thing! Being discovered from Instagram would be pretty cool in my opinion.

Valentine’s Day recently passed. What is your best and worst Valentine’s Day experience?

I’m trying so hard to think of a great Valentine’s Day experience, but I just haven’t had any great memorable ones yet, although I’ve had my fair share of disasters. One that really sticks out to me is last year’s V-Day. I won’t name any names, but two weeks prior to V-Day I had recently become acquainted with this guy. It wasn’t a big deal to me. We were honestly just acquaintances but he shows up unexpectedly to my friend’s house, acts a loud belligerent mess, and as I’m leaving he gives me about 10 dollar store stuffed animals DOUSED in his own personal (not so great smelling) cologne and tells me he wants me to smell him when I’m sleeping. The whole thing was awkward and creepy because I barely knew the guy nor was I interested in him in that way. Needless to say, I haven’t spoken to him since.


Valentine’s Day is all about the queen. But, a queen must also take care of her KING. Give our female readers tips on how to give their KING the best Valentine’s Day ever?

Well for starters, massages are never a bad idea. Plus they can lead to other fun extra curricular activities ;). If you and your significant other are comfortable enough with each other, maybe try putting on a sexy little show for him. No man can ever say no to that and when all the fun and games are over, breakfast in bed is a must! Don’t be afraid to be sexy with your man. They love it and it brings fun and passion into the relationship 😉

We at COSIGN Magazine have had many debates over Side boob vs. Under boob. Which do you think is the sexiest?

Maybe I’m biased here because I have side boob, but yea, definitely side boob! lol


We also have a new trend called #LaVidaCosign as we are tapping more into our Hispanic roots. Tell us some of the best things you love about being a latina, besides being one of the sexiest creatures GOD ever created?  Lol

Well you already pointed out the obvious. Latina’s are quite sexy! Meow 😉 but second best to that is our culture and with that comes some of the most amazing food you’ll ever try. Big props to my Abuela (that means grandma in Spanish) for throwing down in the kitchen like no one I’ve ever met! Love you Abuela! <3

What models do you #COSIGN in the industry? (Basically look up to.)

Does Nina Dobrev count? I know she’s mainly an actress, but have you seen that girl model? Talk about gorgeous! She’s definitely won a place in my #wcw’s quite a few times and not to mention she stars in Vampire Diaries, the best TV show known to man kind (in my opinion) 😉

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