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Hailing from St. Louis, ByrdB is no stranger to hard work. Through ByrdB’s music you won’t hear any false claims or accusations other than being a father, motivator, HuSTLer, entrepreneur, and CEO of numerous business entities. ByrdB is a leader that’s been surviving through the trenches of St. Louis since day one of hitting the ground. “This life, this music, this money, this hustle, and this routine in a dark city will never shade this man’s dollar and a dream,” says ByrdB. Although, St. Louis hasn’t seen much mainstream love aside from Nelly and Chingy to name a few, ByrdB feels he has what it takes to make it. “Coming from a city where the citizens of the metropolitan are predominately black, are accustomed to police harassment, low income, the typical ass underlining factor of a dark city will always stand for HuSTLe no matter what the case may be.”

Currently pushing his new single, “Go Mode” ByrdB describes what he knows best through his music, the hustle. “The money is the mission outside of God, Family, and Music ByrdB can take you through life’s experiences of hustle, grind, faith, and focus on how to survive through anything!” We #COSIGN ByrdB not only for his innate hustler’s mentality, but for chasing his dreams and doing whatever it takes to survive, succeed, and surpass the statistics of the ideal African American male residing in St. Louis. Follow his journey through his social media.


Purchase Byrd B’s new single, “Go Mode” on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/nsxz5

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