We all know Dallas has somewhat of an obsession with brunch and really, is that even a “problem?” – I don’t think so, and neither does Marty McDonald of Dallas’ Boss Women Who Brunch. Boss Women Who Brunch is a women’s empowerment community whose mission it is to create a space that pushes women to be better versions of themselves.

BWB held their 12th Brunch Series, the “Ultimate Vision Board Workshop,” on Saturday February 24 at the Butler Brothers Property Building, and it was filled to the brim with female empowerment, just as promised. Ladies attended what was to be a “full day of inspiration, motivation, goal-setting and creating intentional roadmaps to transform their 2018,” and attendees got nothing less than that.

The event was kicked off by keynote speaker and the founder and editor-in-chief of xoNecole, Necole Kane, who delivered what could’ve easily been classified as a sermon, a word, a testimony, if you will. Necole shed light and gave closer insight on her personal and professional experiences. Scattered throughout her words of wisdom were existential gems, such as: “take time to know yourself as a person, not just your brand,” “you can grow up and grow out of where you started from,” and “it’s not always about reaching out and ‘reaching up’, to those you consider to be mentors but to network all around you.”

Once the framework was set, various Breakout Sessions were assigned, based on the participants’ personal goals. Each session was hosted by a fellow Boss, including Rachel Lindsey of ABC’s The Bachelorette (and is also an attorney based in Dallas), Emmy-nominated TV host/award-winning producer, Kela Walker, Attorney & Legal Analyst, Yodit Tewolde, Brand Strategist of Curls Hair Products, Janelle Sands and others.

Throughout the day, ladies were encouraged to connect with accomplished founders and corporate women alike, later reconvening to create the ultimate vision board! In addition to the informational and networking, there was space for retail indulgence, (because, why not?) featuring female-owned small businesses and product vendors.


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