Although, SXSW is over, Austin is continuing to turn up and keep the party rocking. On March 30th Big Sant will be blessing the city again! Thanks to Dirtbags of Austin, Sant will be performing downtown at a venue called Red 7, which is at 611 East 7th Street. Sant is being welcomed by some pretty dope openers, such as  Mr. Franklin (@Kamikaze601), Dre Prince, and Austin’s very own, Q-Lee. This is the MFxOG tour, so for those of you that haven’t heard the tape we recommend clicking the link below and giving it a listen. This mixtape is definitely something you want circulating on your playlist!

For tickets to this show, hit @breacoolbeings, @CosignMag, or @COSIGN_KG on Twitter for your PERSONAL delivery. If you can’t make it, you know CoSign Magazine will be bringing you footage that will allow you to relive this show. Stay tuned!

Listen and download to the latest project by Big Sant here!!!

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