The Bible For Black Girls: a collection of text posts from Tumblr user: pinkvelourtracksuit.

I randomly stumbled across this read one day while aimlessly scrolling through the deep ocean of creativity and NSFW posts, that is Tumblr. Now, I’ve been a faithful follower to Chelsea Claverie [better known to her followers as pinkvelourtracksuit on Tumblr] for quite sometime so it was news to me that there was an actual book out there, full of black girl realness that contained all of her internet posts.

Although, the title is a clear pointer that the book is for the sistahs, I personally think any and all girls can relate to the book’s content on some level or other. But being real, I do recommend this book for all the black girls out there, Ms. Chelsea looked out for us with this one.

Reading this book was like having a conversation with a big sister or favorite aunt or the fast cousin that your mom tells you not to spend too much time around. It’s a different approach to your typical, girl power book; totally relatable and definitely relevant. What I enjoyed the most, like most, was its’ honesty – taking your average, “all-things-girl” topics (self-love, aesthetics, boys etc.) and speaking on them from a confident, uplifting and funny perspective. This book is not politically correct and is not for children but, it’s a way better homegirl pass off than some traveling pants.

Search the title on Amazon and get your copy today.

[Follow the author on Tumblr: pinkvelourtracksuits + Twitter: @NinthWardJawn]

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