When Beyoncé speaks, the world listens. Queen Bey recently announced her next venture: a hair care brand named CÉCRED. Rumors have been floating around for years, but it’s finally confirmed. In a teasing Instagram post back in May 2023, Beyoncé shared her enthusiasm, stating, “I Can’t Wait for You to Experience What I’ve Been Creating.” With millions eagerly awaiting her next move, it seems that hair care is just the beginning for Beyoncé.

Cécred Name

Pronounced “Sacred” if you combine Beyon and sacred, you get CÉCRED. No surprise that Mrs. Knowles-Carter is using her name. Her previous fashion line, House of Deréon (y’all remember them jeans!?) was a ready-to-wear fashion collab between her and her multi-hyphenate mother, Tina Lawson. Miss Tina not only owned a salon, but was also the stylist for Destiny’s Child – handmaking a lot of the iconic outfits that the group wore. That accented “é” runs in their family, with the name “Deréon” paying tribute to Beyoncé’s maternal grandmother, Agnèz Deréon.

Our Predication: CÉCRED is more than hair care

For anyone doubting the magnitude of Beyoncé’s newest venture, Ivy Park is going to be small in comparison to CÉCRED. We did a little digging and it has already been trademarked across a wide range of categories many of them in beauty and home categories. The trademark filing, dating back to June of 2022, not only includes hair care but also extends to other areas. Beyoncé has a carefully thought-out plan that is in motion, because multiple trademarks were filed for similar terms. Remember where you heard this first, when you sitting at home lighting your CÉCRED candle collection.

Various Trademarks owned by First Hawk Street LLC, who also owns CÉCRED

Was that the bottles in the Renaissance documentary? I say yes.

Fans got their first sneak peek of Beyoncé’s hair care line during her documentary Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. The packaging and teaser video released recently offer a taste of what’s to come. It’s evident that Beyoncé is channeling the nostalgic energy of 90s hair salons with a touch of glam. For those fortunate enough to have experienced their fly grandmas’ fabulous hairdos, this will surely evoke fond memories.

If you’re as excited about Beyoncé’s hair care line as we are, mark your calendars for February 20. The official launch of Cécred promises to be an eventful occasion that you wouldn’t want to miss. To stay updated on all things Cécred, be sure to visit their official website at CECRED.com. Get ready to experience the magic that Beyoncé has been meticulously creating for us all. From hair care to who knows what else, it’s safe to say that Queen B has some surprises up her sleeve. Let the countdown begin!

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